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I am walking through a valley I didn’t know was going to be in my path.

A place where the storms have caught up with me. Great, big thunderheads that rumble and threaten and carry a deluge. A place in which I can no longer ignore the building storms, silver-lined though they be.

I’ve always focused on that shimmery outline, no matter how big or black the clouds might be. I’m an optimist, and always have been. Giving the benefit of the doubt is my rule of thumb, and one that has served me well. I’ve weathered a lot of other storms that way.

While that is a good characteristic to have, and I shouldn’t give it up, I’m being forced to accept that I can admire the beauty of a silver lining, while facing the black depths of the cloud.

The storm must break.

I am the catalyst.

And I’m terrified.

Grace & Peace,


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