Very first night, AJ’s lap got progressively more full when she read the story.

So, last weekend, we took a little (8.5 hour) jaunt over to Oklahoma for my sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, I got zero pictures of the girls in their cute get-up, or the boys in their t-shirts & bow ties. I have only a few candid, random shots to remember the trip by. That’s okay – I know I’ll be able to order something fun later, when Jen gets her photos.

The time there really was more about family, anyway. What is more family-ish than a wedding? Besides, maybe, a birth?

I love weddings, and Jen’s was no exception. She and Tyler were so creative, and I loved the summery colors in a fall month! Then, there was the hilarious, silly, fun get-up she made us all wear to the rehearsal as well as our little “after-party” at Applebee’s. I gave her a hard time about making me wear purple tights underneath my shorts, but secretly, I had a blast. 🙂 It was nice to just BE with both my sisters and Mom again. It was the first time we’ve all been together since Daddy died.


The bridal party out to Applebee’s for the wedding “after-party.” Totally fun. And yes, I’m the dork who didn’t get her sunglasses on in time…

The weeks leading up to this day were especially hard for Mom, more than any of us. It’s the first major family life event since Daddy went to Heaven, and it was a struggle at times. It’s not that we weren’t happy for Jen. All of us are heart-glad for her, and for Tyler. They are both so lucky to have found each other. It’s ridiculous how well they fit together. Anyway…the joy was mingled with tears.

We have all learned the meaning of bittersweet — one of the most over-used adjectives in our language, I think.


The adorablest newlyweds EVAR!

It all started in a karaoke bar, on a girls’ night out. They met. They talked. They found kindred spirits, minds, and hearts in each other. He’s a man worthy of her respect, and she is a woman worthy of his love and protection. It’s awesome.


All my mom’s grandkids, on the day we left. These are their serious faces.

It was all such a whirlwind, too. Between hot glue guns, floral wire, mesh decorating stuff, tablecloths, organizing food, rehearsals, a walk down Main Street in purple tights (for real), a stomach bug (ON the wedding day, no less), and all the vow-taking, there was an awful lot of rightness about the time.

I wasn’t really ready to leave only four days after our arrival. Alas! What will be, will be. Jen and Tyler are hitched. A new family has been knit together. And I’m glad I’m one small part of it, warts and all.


I tried to smuggle Tischel in a sleeping bag. It didn’t quite work out…

Needless to say, September was nearly chaotic in its busyness. October promises more of the same. Sigh…

At least there are more blessings to count than otherwise.

Grace & Peace,


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  1. I feel bad that I don’t spend as much time with you as I used to, but I know we are both busy. I am thankful for your blog, so that I get to intrude on your days without really intruding. :-P. I love you missy and I am constantly thinking of you and praying for you. I hope that you feel my prayers as I did yours the hundreds of times you prayed for me when I needed them most!

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