A Visit From Family!

A few weeks ago, we were happy to welcome my sister-in-law and her family to our home for a few days. On the heels of their Disneyland trip, I’m sure our house was less than exciting, but it was wholesome and good and lovely to have a full house. The kids all get along fabulously, and I feel like I barely saw the kids, because they were always off, adventuring together.

The primary highlight of their visit was our chance to go see Bible Passages, an amazing, interactive exhibit detailing the history and evolution of the Bible. (It’s a traveling exhibit, so see if it will be coming to your area any time soon.) From the Dead Sea Scrolls, to Gutenberg, to Tyndale, illuminated Bibles, the first Bible on the moon, and more. It was fascinating! The kids even enjoyed it, since there were things they could touch and do along the way.

I love family visits. 🙂


Wrasslin’ with Levi.


Jeff & Lolly play dress-up too.


Kiddos picked out a beard & moose hat pour moi.


Our silly buncha goofballs.


With the Gutenberg press replica.


Kids trying their hand at copying a passage with a real feather quill.


Takes concentration, folks.


Our porch light got fixed! Woohoo!


Durin & Israel assessing the likelihood of retrieving something from the chicken house roof. (No chickens yet. Still working on the coop.)


Candid, random shot for Grandad. 🙂


Eating together.

Boys wrasslin'. Of course.

Boys wrasslin’. Of course.