I Forgot That I Love Poetry

Image credit: learner.org

I love poetry. Well, some poetry anyway. I have never read very much of it, but so many times, poetry just fits. It just does. A dear friend of mine–Teri by name–wrote this, and shared it with me, to encourage me.

It worked.

With brave wings she flies,
But first Her brave spirit
Sets her quivering
On the soul-dark precipice,
High up in the Atmosphere
Of irrevocable change.
She looks-but-can’t-see
The Glory above, below, outward,
And begins to sense it growing inward.
And suddenly, Feels her foot
Shooting out into
the Nothing
the Something
the Everything,
And the brave wings unfold.

I forgot that I love poetry. I forgot that I love to write it sometimes. I haven’t in a long while. We’ll see.

Read more of what Teri writes at HeadSpace. It’s good stuff. All meaty and beautiful.

Grace & Peace,