Around the House

My red ninja, and Captain America. (May 2013)

My red ninja, and Captain America. (May 2013)

Our school room is covered in cardboard, which is somehow supposed to come together as a house.

My children are building something together. Sort of. There isn’t a lot of planning going on, but I’m certain they are inspired. They are cutting out windows, and duct-taping, and telling each other it’s going to be a masterpiece.

What a delight these little people are.

Dain keeps wandering in and out, picking pieces up and putting them down, and throwing out a random opinion. Mostly, he’s just preoccupied with Molly. (Have I told you about Molly? Our sweet little puppy, who isn’t so little any more? Well, I will in a minute.)

Friday morning was my first morning NOT on my personal facebook page, checking, and re-checking, and seeing if I’m still the center of anyone’s universe. I often forget that I already am. Right here, in these four walls, I’m the heart of this place. And this heart is sick.

My pink & purple ninjas. (May 2013)

My pink & purple ninjas. (May 2013)

So, I am working on that.

I finally plugged my camera in, and uploaded pictures, which I haven’t done since May. I thought that it might be about time (after yesterday’s post), to catch you up on the comings and goings and doings of my Inn-mates. I love them so much, but that hasn’t been seen here as much.

Molly at 11 weeks. (July 2013)

Molly at 11 weeks. (July 2013)

Anyway. Molly. Our puppy. We brought her home at ten weeks old, on July 21st. She is the sweetest, cutest, puppy-est puppy ever, and we all love her. We are doing our best to train her, but we think we’ll do better if we go ahead and invest in a training class. Just give her some order and structure.

She is a black lab/Irish setter mix, and we all adore her.

JUST LOOK AT HER PUPPY FACE!!! Look at her! And her soft, floppy ears. And her deep, brown, puppy eyes! And her big ol’ paws! Yep, she’s going to be a good size, and I don’t mind. I don’t really care for small dogs much.

She’s grown a lot since then, loves the kids, and fits in beautifully here. I think she’s been good for me, too. She gets up nice and early, and wakes me up before the kids, so I do get that quiet time I long for so much. She’s my puppy accountability partner.

I guess that’s it for now.

I just wanted to share some glimpses of Joy in my life right now. These kids are a major source of it, and I need to tell them that. I don’t think they know.

Grace & Peace,