If I Had a Bookstore…

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If I had a bookstore, I wouldn’t stack the books. Invariably, each patron would want the ones on the bottoms, and that would cause too much irritation.

If I had a bookstore, it would have to have a nook or two where folks could curl up and read some loaner books.

It might have to have a round, green door with a big brass knob in the middle.

Its walls would be covered in worthy quotes from classic works, on tea-stained paper and written in simple calligraphy. That is, if there happens to be any empty wall space at all.

If I had a bookstore, it would have to have a few Tiffany-style lamps, some of those green-shaded lamps, and an iron lamppost in at least one corner. A lamppost that always stays lit.

It would have no fluorescent lighting.

The shelves would touch the ceiling.

I might have to organize one shelf by color of the cover. Just so I can have a rainbow. I like rainbows.

If I had a bookstore, I would have to have a cat that lived there. He would be old and wise and grey and spry. His name would be Gandalf. I don’t care how unoriginal that sounds. It’s my cat.

If I had a bookstore, I’d want a giant family Bible on a podium somewhere. Those books were gorgeous.

There would be books of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Old books, paperbacks, leather-bound books, books with marbleized paper linings.

I’d want some flowers in the windows, and in each little reading nook, to stave off any gloomy feeling in the dim lighting.

I wouldn’t use air fresheners, because the smell of books is far pleasanter than any smell you can buy.

There would have to be tea and coffee available, too. Earl Grey and French Roast in stock at all times.

I would have to devote one corner to fairy tales. All of them. Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm, and more. With a small chair and a round rug, where I could read to wide-eyed kids while their parents go find a quiet corner for awhile.

There would be no Disney books. (Nothing against Disney, it just wouldn’t fit here.)

I would trade books as often as I sold them. There would only ever be books that had been used and loved and read. I’m sure I would have newish titles, but only after they’d already been read.

There would be very few romance novels. And no section labeled “Adult.”

There would be a natural sense of quiet there, and those who walk in would heave a sigh of relief at being in a veritable sanctuary of literature.

I would love it there.

If I had a bookstore.

What would you have in your bookstore?

Grace & Peace,


11 thoughts on “If I Had a Bookstore…

  1. I love that your bookstore has a lamp post!
    Someday I will own a bookstore with a little coffee shop next door. It will be filled with well loved classics. There will be chairs and cushions and journals to write in. I want it to be the kind of place that someone could truly stay, curled up in a corner all day. Maybe there will be a fireplace in the middle of the room! And built-in bookshelves that my husband made. Oh, and the coffee shop will have homemade Crepes!

  2. I would be at your bookstore every spare minute!! Honestly, reading the description was almost like reading a favorite book. It brought peace to my soul and made me breathe a sigh of relief. 🙂

  3. I of course gulped when I read that there would be no Disney books. Then I realized, I don’t like Disney in book form.

    I would feel very much at home I’m your store. 🙂 It sounds lovely.

    • Exactly. It’s not a “Disney” place. I love Disney on the silver screen, and possibly on a mug. Other than that, nope.

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