On a Positive Note…

Kids ready for their first day at their weekly support program.

Kids ready for their first day at their weekly support program.

Seeing Audrey “get” alphabetizing the first time I explain it to her brings a smile to my face.

Seeing Dain finally (at the ripe old age of six) take interest in letters and reading and phonics makes me happy. Everything I did with the older three just doesn’t work for him, and I am finally finding some things that do. I will not fail to teach him to read, and that is a great relief.

Watching Durin’s vocabulary blossom, and hearing him use the biggest words he knows all the time, amuses me to no end. He has no idea how hilarious I find him. He’s my male Anne of Green Gables. Also, he has finally learned to come to me for help with the challenging parts of school. Instead of losing his mind, he comes to me as soon as he’s frustrated. I never thought I’d see the day!

Lydia’s quick grasp of some basic fractions, taught through cooking, has amazed me. She is very sharp with numbers, and that brings me joy. She struggles with writing and spelling, so being able to point out this strength to her is a much-needed encouragement for her.

I don’t know what it is about these little things, and being such a part of them, that makes my rough days happy.

Even the worst homeschooling day is still better than the best day of doing nothing at all.

I love teaching my kids. Very much.

Just thought y’all could use a happy post after all the hard-hitting, depressing ranting and raving. Depressed people have happy moments too, sometimes. So, that’s good.

Where do you find your happy?

Grace & Peace,


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