Some of My Hippie Tricks for Fighting Illness

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So, it looks like most of us are coming down with whatever I have. It looks a lot like a flu-ish cold/cough thing. Annoying. Rather than spending upwards of $120 per person to visit the doctor, and likely being told it’s a virus, I spent about $150 in total on supplements that have a good track record of helping my family and I get well quickly, and to boost our immune systems in the process.

These are in addition to our basic, daily supplements of a high-quality, food-based multi-vitamin, fish oil, and probiotics.

For Levi & I:
~Normal daily supplements
~2,000mg Vitamin C + 12mg Zinc
~5,000iu’s Vitamin D3, 2x/day
~Umcka drops, 1mL 2-4x/day
~Sublingual Vitamin B complex (liquid), once daily
~1800mg cinnamon (in capsules)
~Kick-Ass Immune tincture, 2 droppers, 3x/day
~Raw Honey (for the pollen) in Gypsy Cold Care tea, 2x/day
~100mg odorless Garlic, 2x/day
~Diluted Young Living Thieves Essential Oil in capsules, 2-4x/day, and topically. I also diffuse Thieves with Lemon to help all of us.

Now, if I can get Levi to take anything at all, I’ll consider myself lucky. I’ve seen how well this stuff works, and can attest to the natural healing power God has given us through many different avenues – from herbs and essential oils up to pharmaceuticals and surgery. They are ALL gifts from God. Most of the time, these remedies keep us out of the doctor’s office. If we have to go, then it must mean that we need something we can’t get or do on our own, and I am okay with that.

For the kids:
~Usual daily supplements
~500mg vitamin C + 8mg Zinc per day.
~800iu’s Vitamin D3.
~Umcka chewables, 2x/day
~Kick-It Immune tincture, 2 droppers, 3x/day.
~Young Living Thieves Essential oil, topically, 2-3x/day.
~Spoonful of raw honey, once daily.

If I can get local honey, I try to do that first. If I can’t, any raw, unfiltered honey will be a good substitute.

I just thought I’d share what works for us.

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