Nothing Ever Goes the Way We Planned.

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I planned on starting school this week, and we did. Even if it was incomplete. Then, that night, my allergies decided to morph into some sort of plague. It has me sleeping on the couch, so I can be propped up, which of course throws off my back and neck.

Last night, I broke down and took cough syrup, when I normally wouldn’t. I just couldn’t draw a deep breath at all. AT ALL. Usually, I just let myself be miserable, knowing I’ll get better, and be healthier afterward, but there’s just something about not being able to breathe that can throw a person off their groove a bit.

As a friend said yesterday, “Sometimes it’s easier to just lay on the mat and bleed…” I have to agree with her.

I used yesterday to sleep off and on as much as I could, since the kids were away all day at their homeschool program. Considering the body aches, sneezing, and sinus-clearing nose-blowing, I seemed to rest a lot. The mornings aren’t too bad, but by evening, it’s not good. The cough syrup knocked me out cold for a solid five hours, I think, so that helped. This morning, I’m able to think a little, and am debating just how much school I should bother with when I don’t have the energy to be an enforcer…

I am determined to start and finish well this year. I’m determined to have a normal year. Now, if only I knew what that looked like…

Anyway. Things never go the way I plan, and I am learning to roll with the punches. Still, getting off to such a rocky start just isn’t encouraging. Especially because we have a two-week break coming up in September, due to family plans.

And now, I’m just complaining. How lame is that?


Anyway, I’m thankful the sun is shining, and thankful that my three oldest kids can all make a pot of oatmeal/cream o’ wheat/grits on the stove, so that I was free to just enjoy some quiet morning time. I’m thankful for my counselor, who has already unearthed the underlying causes of my depression – a revelation, let me tell you! I’m a little scared, but VERY READY to get to work on those issues. I’m thankful for my closest friends, who somehow refuse to leave me alone or give up on me. The ones who stick close, even if I’m a little crazy and needy right now.

Time to get going on something. I can’t let this day be totally empty…

Grace & Peace,


4 thoughts on “Nothing Ever Goes the Way We Planned.

  1. You are so much more successful than you let yourself know. You are a terrific mommy, teacher and friend. I don’t know why but when I read this I ended thinking, “Go get’em tiger! ”
    So, there you go.

  2. You have always set your expectations so high, and you have achieved much. I applaud that in you, but remember to breath, rest, and give yourself the same unmerited grace you give others. Love and prayers for peace, creativity, and comfort coming your way this morning.

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