Book Review: “Timeline” by Michael Crichton

TimelineTimeline by Michael Crichton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally! After reading several of his books resulting in a “meh” reaction, I get another one that is thrilling, believable, fun, and a page-turner! As usual, the science-fiction portion of Timeline is believable, and drew me right in. The willingness of each of the characters to stand with one another, to sacrifice for each other, and to get through their ordeal together was a huge positive element in this story.

It’s nice to be free to hate the bad guys, love the good guys, and revel in the battle between them. The villian of the book has quite the fitting, if slightly twisted, fate. I loved it.

Excellent pacing. Good dialogue. Page-turning action. Mystery. Puzzle-solving. Growth in the characters. Surprising twists throughout.

Good book. It’s right up there with Jurassic Park, and has earned a place on my shelf.

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