I Found an Abandoned Child Today

Just had to share…


I Found an Abandoned Child Today

I know at first glance, you were shocked and probably in disbelief. There is part of the title to this blog that was used to get you to just read. I need you to just read this. I need you to just share this. I need you to just pray that this story has a happy ending and that this child gets a chance at life. Brandon and Anna have a home and a life for her…now all they need is money…just money.

The Story…

Years ago, as we were knee deep in infertility medications, failed IUI’s, and broken spirits, Brandon and I began looking into adoption. Specifically, we wanted to find a child with PKU who needed a family. Many of you know that I have PKU (Phenylketonuria), which is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s ability to break down one of the amino acids in protein. Untreated…

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