Book Review: Song of the Dwarves, by Thorarinn Gunnarsson

Song of the DwarvesSong of the Dwarves by Thorarinn Gunnarsson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is one I didn’t actually finish, which is rare for me. I don’t like leaving a book unread.

I found this book on the shelves at Goodwill, and picked it up, hoping for an “epic retelling of Nordic myths.”

Well, it’s a retelling, I suppose, and the stories themselves are good. However, I think “epic” is too liberal an adjective. It’s a tame, childish retelling, in all honesty. It attempts to be epic, but the writing talent is mild, willing to take shortcuts, and the dialogue is really incompatible with the potentially lofty scope it could (and should) have taken.

I saved the book, because I think my 10 year old might enjoy the stories, but it’s not one that will likely stay on our shelves for long.

If I’m going to read myths, I’d prefer more “epicness” and less simplistic childishness. Nordic mythology is great in its scope and depth of story. This book has fallen far short of what it could have been, in my opinion.

(Then again, I never did look it up to see if it was intentionally written at a child’s level, so there’s that.)

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