Where Is the Moonstone? (By: Lydia)

Once upon a time, there were two fairies, named Crystal and Darkmoon. Crystal had beautiful, golden hair, and smooth skin. Her pink butterfly wings had blue swirls, and yellow swirls inside the blue swirls. She lived in an acorn, and her favorite pastime was telling jokes. Darkmoon was her cousin-in-law, and she had black hair, like the middle-of-the-night sky. She had dark skin, and her wings were bat wings that were black as deep underground. She lived inside a mouse’s hole that had been abandoned, and her favorite food was dried guts. Crystal sometimes offends her friends with her jokes, and Darkmoon sometimes loses her temper because people think she is bad.

One night, Crystal and Darkmoon were asleep, and the Moon said to them in a dream, “Go and find the piece of me that I have lost! You must find the moonstone to restore my piece in me.” That woke both of those two fairies up that night, and they couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. The next morning, Crystal had invited Darkmoon to her house for breakfast. She had buttermilk and acorn chops. Darkmoon said, “I had a weird dream last night.”

Crystal replied, “You know what? I did too!”

Darkmoon said, “Really?”

Then, Crystal said, “I must find the moonstone for the Moon.”

Darkmoon replied, “Me too!”

Crystal said, “That’s strange. We both had the same dream in two separate houses!”

“Then, we shall go find the moonstone together!”

Later that day, they were on their way to find the moonstone. “I’m hungry,” said Darkmoon.

“Me too,” said Crystal. So, they took a break and ate. Then, they climbed a mountain. They climbed Mount Anthill. They heard rumbling. “What’s that?!” shouted Crystal.

“Avalanche!” cried Darkmoon. Then, they saw a small hole, and squeezed themselves in. The snow and rocks fell right past them. Darkmoon said, “Whew, that was close!”

Crystal said, “Well, we have to continue to find the moonstone, let’s go.”

“Yes, let’s!” said Darkmoon.

Then, they climbed over the mountain, and into the Forest of Darkness. Then, they heard strange voices. “Those strange voices are creeping me out,” said Crystal.

Darkmoon replied, “I’m used to this kind of stuff. It’s probably just goblins. In my childhood, goblins were bullies at my school, and I handled them a lot.”

“Are you serious? Goblins?!”

Then, the strange voices got closer and closer. Then, the chief of the goblins whispered something. Then, they attacked!

Darkmoon made a big gust of wind with her wings, and it knocked the goblins back. Then, she attacked the chief! Crystal was busy building a little catapult, found a pebble, and loaded it into the catapult. She shot the little pebble out of the catapult at the goblins. The goblins ran for their lives, but then—SQUISH!—even the chief got squished! Luckily, Darkmoon was fine.

“That was close!” said Darkmoon.

“Well, we have to keep going,” said Crystal.

“Onward!” shouted Darkmoon.

Later, that afternoon, they sat and ate again. Then, they had to go through a tunnel that was like a cave.

They were on their tiptoes this time, because they had run into two obstacles. Then, they heard lots and lots of beating of wings. Then, they heard some screeches. Darkmoon replied in a loud, high-pitched screech. Crystal had to cover her ears.

Then, they could see what was going on. It was a giant colony of bats! The bats were blocking their way. Crystal said, “Awwww, come on!”

Darkmoon tried talking to them, but they wouldn’t listen. Then, Darkmoon made another big gust of wind with her wings, and the bats just flew above it. She pulled Crystal out and behind the bats, and they ran out of the tunnel.

Then, there was the moonstone! It was on a feather, on a rock. They grabbed the moonstone, and took the flight home. They rested awhile at Darkmoon’s house. Darkmoon fixed some buttermilk and some dried guts. They had a little plan to get the moonstone back to the moon. First, they found a spider, and asked for some web. They told the spider their plan, and the spider gladly made them a balloon of web, with a string of web hanging from it.

They tied the moonstone to it, and then Darkmoon made one more big gust of wind to make the little balloon float up to the Moon. Then, Crystal said, “I’m glad that worked!”

Then, the Moon said, “Thank you for finding the moonstone and returning it to me! I will grant you both three wishes. You can ask for them whenever you like. I only have one rule: I cannot bring anyone back to life.”

Then, Darkmoon wished that she could have a moonstone too, so she wouldn’t need pixie dust to fly any more. She also wished for a necklace made of vampire bat fangs, so she wouldn’t have to kill vampire bats to get their teeth. Then, she said, “I want to save the last wish for something really special.”

Crystal wished for some books on butterflies. She also wished for a little pet butterfly that would be like a parrot. Then, Crystal said, “I’m going to save my last wish for something very special, too.”
They lived happily ever after.

The End

She may not be the next Jane Austen, but she had a lot of fun coming up with this. This is unedited, exactly as she dictated it to me. We’ll work on the over-use of “then” soon enough. In the meantime, it’s nice to see her imagination grow. Getting her to write is like pulling teeth, even though her imagination is vivid.

I love these assignments with her.

Grace & Peace,


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