That’s My Boy

Yesterday, for their science lesson, the kids had to observe Durin’s ant farm. There aren’t ants in it yet, as he is first growing their food supply, so I told them to describe what they could see happening to the seeds. None of the kids were as enthusiastic as Durin was, and he has given me permission to share his observations, complete with original spelling and footnotes.

stems: the stems are still sprouting. their color is white like bean sprouts. they are certainly still short, only about a quarter (1) inch long. the ones without leaves have brown tips. some lucky plants seem to have grown more seeds. bye-bye!
leaves: the leaves are curently very small. a lot (2) of them look like Mario plant mouths. maybe tulips. their greenish yellowish color, just like the “stems” section, reminds me of bean sprouts. some leaves are carrieng (3) seed.
See-ya next section!
roots: there’s not much to write about the roots. the roots are half a quarter of an inch and they look really cool because of the seeds hanging from them.

that’s it for today!
footnotes: 1-a “quarter” is to be heard a lot.
2- I just learned that “a lot” is not one word.
3- it’s mis-spelled, isn’t it. but I tried!

There you have it. Scientific observations, with footnotes.

That child is most certainly my child…

Yes, he needs to work on capitalization. He does really well with his language arts…guess we just need to get it to translated to all his writing. Too funny.

Grace & Peace,


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