“For such a time as this…”

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No words ring truer to me at the moment.

Just a few days ago, a dear friend’s father was diagnosed with ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gerhig’s Disease). My heart sank into my stomach when I found out.

His symptoms are already pretty advanced, though there is no direct prognosis just yet. They’re still waiting on finding out what the treatment plan will be. There is no cure.

The family has been thrust into a place of shock, grief, and “What now?” They are finding things they are grateful for, and God is moving in their relationships. It’s shaken their world, but hasn’t toppled it.

And, here I am. Fresh in my own grief. Less than three months out from losing my own Daddy. (Temporarily, but still, the loss is real.)

My heart is still raw, but it’s open. I have someone else I can focus on. Someone else whom I can try to comfort with the same comfort I have received. I have someone to minister to. Someone I can love on and be there for. May the Lord grant me the wisdom and wherewithal to listen as much as I can.

I thank God for this opportunity, and for giving me a glimpse of at least one way in which Dad’s cancer has worked out for the good of those who love Him. For the good of my friend and her family, I understand the road they’re about to walk together. Not perfectly. Never perfectly, but still. I know.

And I’m here.

Please be in prayer for this lovely family. They are believers, and are all trying to figure out their role in this journey. Pray for strength, peace, and wisdom as they face the challenges ALS is going to bring into their lives. Thank you.

Grace & Peace,


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