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DSC08277We start each school day with prayer, Bible time, and the Pledge of Allegiance. The kids take turns holding the flag, and are learning how to respect our flag. Daddy has even taught them a little flag etiquette, since he’s the expert after serving the USAF Honor Guard for the first four years of his time in the Air Force.

The past couple of weeks have been a little off, but we are getting things done. I have decided to double up on their History, because I discovered we haven’t been able to move through the curriculum quickly enough to finish by the end of the year. I would really like to finish, so that we can be free to sell the curriculum in order to buy next year’s.

DSC08283We have been studying medieval times, the Crusades, and knights and castles. So, last week, I found a neat site (of course, I didn’t bookmark or pin it), where we were able to get templates for the kids to create their own coat of arms.

They did a great job, and I’m going to have to get a picture of them up for you. I think this unit of study has been a favorite of the kids so far, though their image of knights has changed somewhat. The Crusades were not exactly a highlight in Christian history, and our curriculum has a very balanced, honest point of view. Discussing the right and wrong of it all has been so good for them.

I am glad that they are already earning that not all who call themselves Christians are really representatives of a holy God. It has given us so much room for discussion of what it really means to be a Christian, and even at their young ages, I can see that it has them thinking through their own child-like faith.

DSC08287In language arts, Lydia has learned how to use a thesaurus. She was really nervous at first, as she always is with anything unfamiliar to her. It didn’t take her long to figure it out, however, and she needed very little help from me once I helped her look up a few words. She really does try so very hard, and often just needs to know I believe in her ability to master a new task. Sometimes, it takes several days, and some tears for her to grasp it, but once she does, she takes off and soars! I’m so glad I get to be the one to teach her to fly.

DSC08291Since I feel like we just got behind on Durin learning cursive, I decided to just start him on his typing program. I’m still going to teach him cursive – if for nothing else, so he can read my handwriting! He’s very good at copy work, so I think I’m just going to accelerate the cursive process. In the meantime, I want him to start learning computer and typing skills. It’s about dang time, really. I sometimes feel a little badly that my kids just haven’t been given much access to technology just yet. In all honesty, I haven’t seen the need. However, now that Durin’s old enough to be doing book reports, I want him to start learning to type. Any tips on teaching a kid how to write a book report? I can search Pinterest, of course, but I’d rather ask those of you who know me first!

DSC08276This is what our school room looks like at the end of a good day. By “good,” I mean a day in which I stay on top of putting everything away as we use it. Sort of. One of the chores on the list is “Clean-Up.” This is one of the jobs I help with, but I’m not doing alone any more. I put away everything that goes up high, the child puts away everything that goes down low. We also pick up stuff off the floor so one of the older kids can vacuum. (Yes, we vacuum almost daily now – if we didn’t, we’d be knee-deep in paper scraps, crumbs, and other such things at the end of a week.)

I have more to share, but I think that 700-ish words is quite enough for a post like this.

How is your week going – homeschool or not?

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  1. Used to homeschool. Now my baby is 22 and has someone to do the sweeping for him.

    And I do all my sweeping and putaway myself.

    My week started out fine, then I caught a cold. No one is sweeping. However, I’m staring the down side of it now, and have more energy–actually thinking about ironing, since hubs has asked about what to wear this weekend. Not good.

    Been trying to learn how to make a better blogsite, since I’m sorta glued to this recliner near the little tabel that holds up my mug of hot drink. 🙂

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