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Life really does go on, whether we want it to or not. The world moves, and changes, and laughs and cries with the same cadence it did before. I still just want it to stop for a day or two, so I could just try to finally fathom it all.

I feel like Levi and I are in the beginning stages of change. I’m not sure what kind of change, but it’s there, looming ahead like some great mountain. A mountain over which there is only one pass, and that pass is the path that we are on. There is no going under or around it, only right over it.

I don’t feel like I’m on level ground.

Solid ground, yes, but not level.

Levi and I talk, and pray, and wonder what it is we’re supposed to do with this nagging feeling that something needs to change.

Where do we start? What should come first? How should it look?

Prayers for wisdom are rising from my lips daily, because that is as far ahead as I can think right now.

I trust that we will know something soon.

No, we are not moving any time soon, nor does this post refer to anything in particular. It refers more to everything at the same time. Essentially, I just sat down and wrote what was on my mind. That’s pretty much it.

Grace & Peace,


9 thoughts on “Change

  1. It’s quite awesome to be together in your feelings about the “now”. I am glad for you that at least you can pray and listen together. And (sighs) so sorry it’s not about moving to Arkansas. 😉

    God will give you wisdom; it’s His favorite gift to give. ❤ K

  2. Tiff,
    I understand your post. I know God has a plan for Steph and myself, what that plan is i haven’t a clue. I know the desires of my own heart, and they’re selfish. Desires for home, familiarity a job that covers all the bases, finances and insurence. We’re seeking his will above ours, the waiting is so hard especially when the enemy is constantly at my door. Doubts, fears, desires are darts he uses to shoot at my heart and mind daily.
    Hang in there, seek His kingdom first and he’ll direct your path. Trust in Him with all your heart, thus is building a testimony of trusting the Lord to your kids. Now that we’re older we can remember how much we picked up from mom and dad that they never realized. They didn’t “teach” us, but we picked it up.
    Love you cousin!
    Praying for you

  3. Let me set your mind at ease, it’s not you it’s him! 🙂 I totally understand that feeling. Its a bit ominous though. Change always means saying goodbye to something. Thats hard even when you know that good is on the other side. If we are expected to be world shakers, I guess it is only fair that it includes our own once in awhile. luv ya!.

  4. Just keep walking. It’s kind of like the door of Wal-Mart. If you wait for the door to open before you start walking, you stay in the parking lot forever. The door doesn’t open until you get to it.

    Don’t get discouraged either. Look at all the things that you are currently doing that 10 years ago, you’d have thought beyond your ability. By the time you get there, the doors will open and you’ll be ready for whatever is next. Enjoy the journey!

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