Pretend I Posted This on Saturday.

Summer by Giuseppe Arcimbaldo

Summer by Giuseppe Arcimbaldo

I forgot to post this for you this past weekend, so here you go: Our week in homeschooling, and other stuff.

On Friday, we did a fun art project that focused on portraits of faces. The kids made their own silly portraits, based loosely on this painting. I just took a close-up of each of them, then printed it out on basic paper, at normal quality, so they could work on a self-portrait. I gave them a stack of old magazines, and just let them do whatever they wanted. Durin gave himself fangs and red eyes, Lydia adorned herself with flowers. Audrey crowned her portrait with a pair of yellow rubber gloves, and Dain just wanted some jelly beans (on his eye).

They laughed a lot, and really had a fun time! The results are here:

Four goofballs.

Four goofballs.

For science, I let them watch a cool video that shows the development of a baby from conception to birth. They thought it was pretty cool! We were going to make a cloud, but I didn’t have the materials handy just yet, so we’ll just do that this week. (Yet another reason to love homeschooling – you can wing it and still get things done.)

One thing I’ve discovered in Dain has me a little kerflummoxed. He knew all his letters and their sounds by the time Dad died. We ended up taking about four weeks off with all of that hubbub and bustle and re-settling. Still, when I started him again, he seems to have forgotten everything he learned except his vowels.


Starting over has been hard. He’s pretty a kinesthetic learner, so I have several little tools to try and get him started again. has been a failure for him, as he doesn’t seem to pick anything up from it. I think that I’m going to try to teach him phonics again through handwriting. I have Handwriting Without Tears, that uses chalk and slate, and lots of physically-involved games to teach letters. All I have to do is remind him of the sounds. And, since the letters aren’t taught in alphabetical order, but instead are taught in groups based on their formation, I hope the information sinks in a little better for him.

Hands-on kid.

Hands-on kid.

It’s worth a shot. He’s so eager to read, but won’t look at a page. He just looks at my face and guesses… Silly boy. He’s so different than my other three, who all learned in a pretty straightforward manner, and figuring Dain out has been a challenge. He’s just a different ball of wax than the other three.

I know he’ll get it, and I’m not worried at all. He’s only in kindergarten, and still has a couple of years before he reaches the average age at which kids learn to read naturally. So, we’ll just keep plugging away at the basics, and trust that his brain will pick it up just fine, as long as we are consistent.

How was your week? Now that we are halfway through another one already…ha!

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  1. I am teaching Noah shapes and colors, Zoe letter sounds and beginning reading, Gabe Chemistry, and Brie Algebra. Talk about a stretch. We are stressing a little because we have misplaced Gabe’s entire Geometry pack and he needs to be done by the end of May. Since we struggled through book one I am not optimistic about rushing the other nine. I still love home school though, and am so proud of my kids at all their stages. You’re right, they will get it, and by teaching at home we are able to adjust and tweak and make sure that our individual wax balls don’t get formed into something they were never intended to be!

  2. Have you heard of Zoophonics? It’s a way of learning letters and sounds that is very kinestheic, visual and really fun for the little ones. When I used to teach we used this with kindergarten and first grades in our school.

  3. Renoir would roll over in his grave but Van Gogh & Gauguin would be cheering! I love Art, and what a beautiful/fun way to learn!

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