Stuff That Works. (And a lot of parentheses.)

I have a confession to make. I am an all-purpose cleaner freak. I use it for all purposes. Well, nearly. It has made my life infinitely easier, unlike so many other things do, and I can’t imagine cleaning without it.

This stuff is the awesomeness. For realz, yo.

This stuff is the awesomeness. For realz, yo.

When I was pregnant with my last two babies, I turned down the Group Beta Strep test, because I was not at high risk for it. So, my midwife asked me if I would be willing to take an immune protocol that would help ensure that GBS was kept at bay. I agreed, feeling it was prudent to do so. Part of that protocol was grapefruit seed extract.

Well, a couple years after my last was born, I was cleaning out my “medicine” cabinet, and came across the little bottle of stuff that is so bitter, you have to chug it with orange juice. Checked the expiration. Still good. Noticed a little “peel here” tab, and peeled it back to discover approximately eleventy-three alternative uses for it. One of which was a recipe for “all-purpose cleaner.”

Now, I had been using a concoction of baking soda, vinegar, and water, which I already loved. The only caveats were that I had to make sure I really rinsed well, or the baking soda left a residue, and it sometimes took a second application for extra-gross things.

I happened to be out of vinegar, and in need of cleaner. Hm. Okay then. I decided to give it a try.

The hood above my stove desperately needed a good cleaning. (And you know how gross those can get, what with the grease and the dusty Colorado air.)

The bottle said to use 30-45 drops in a liter spray bottle. I used 30 drops, and cold water. Just to really test it. I spritzed the hood, and set a timer for five minutes.

I literally just wiped the grease and grossness off. No second application. No scrubbing.

Mind. Blown.

I swooned.

I cleaned ALL THE THINGS! I cleaned them with gusto, and very little elbow grease.

It is my the Spanish Buzz of cleaners. (My idea of romance is vastly different than it once was.)

I use it for glass, wood, countertops, walls, and even in the mop bucket. (I put the drops directly in the bucket – for everything else, I use the spray.) It disinfects cutting boards, without having to wipe it off, because it’s food-safe, and doesn’t smell.

I love it. Scratch that – I pink sparkly fluffy heart it! It is my household best friend. It is the only all-purpose cleaner that I feel like I can actually use for nearly every purpose, and that I don’t actually have to lock away from children or pets. I use it all over the house. I use it daily.

It seems spendy (it runs up to about $15 for two ounces, but is usually less), but it lasts forever. It takes a long time to go through, since it’s measured by the drop. I only just bought my second bottle of it, ever. (How do you like them apples? Or…grapefruit seeds?)

Go. Buy some (at most natural food stores, in the supplement section). Be amazed.

You’re welcome.

Grace & Peace,


5 thoughts on “Stuff That Works. (And a lot of parentheses.)

  1. First off, I am obsessed with GSE. Have been for years. It kills viruses before they even have a chance, kills yeast, disinfects water, I could literally write a book….. but– please don’t tell me you have bought more than one of those crazy spend little bottles! Because you can buy a 36 oz jug at nutibiotic online for $2 per oz…. it will last you the rest of your life 🙂

    • I did not know that, Shae. I am appalled at my wastefulness! *hangs head in shame* Why do I NEVER think to look online first? Jeez louise…

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