It’s 2013. Well, Zippa-dee-doo-dah-day.

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For the first time, we let the kids stay up to watch the ball drop for New Year’s Eve. It was fun. We watched Disney’s “Brave,” and played Uno. I initiated them into the ways of Spoons, too.

We poured some apple juice bubbly, and toasted in the New Year as a family.

I loved it.

It was quiet, fun, and so, so good.

We don’t do stuff like that enough.

I am hoping that 2013 is filled with more purposeful family days. A game night, one-on-one dates with my kids, new birth clients, progress and growth in homeschooling, more dates with Levi.

More faith, hope, and love in Jesus.

In anticipation of the New Year, I printed out some Reflection Questions and Goal-Setting Questions at Simple Mom.

I’ll be working on these this week.

I have never made resolutions, because I know they don’t last. I started using Tsh’s questions last year, and found that they gave me a good place to start in being purposeful in my life across all areas – physical, mental, spiritual, professional, etc.

I have to admit that moving forward into a New Year feels a little scary for the first time. There is so much on the horizon that I can’t actually see, because my horizon lies around a bend in the road. What’s around that bend, I have no idea. I just feel like this year is going to be one of deep change.

And change is hard. Have you ever tried to bend a quarter?! (ba-dum-ch!)

At least I still have a sense of humor.

What are you doing with your New Year? Do you even know yet? Me neither. At least we can not know together!

Grace & Peace,


2 thoughts on “It’s 2013. Well, Zippa-dee-doo-dah-day.

  1. 😆 You are funny!
    I think you do a great job being a mom on purpose. Better than I did. 🙂 I think we have to try hard to do momming purposefully, or else it gets away from us and we end up doing for our grandkids what we wish we’d done for our kids. Don’t ask me how I know!
    That said, one thing we do with our grandkids that I wish we’d done with our kids is: take them out on their birthdays. This is a huge deal with Gma and Gpa and one child, out to any activity (bowling, etc.) any store for any gift, and any restaurant they wish. It is always an amazing trip that we love, love, love. Expensive, but only once a year, per child. Mmm. 🙂

  2. I am right there with you, Tiff. I really need more dates with David, dates with my kids, and family game nights. Maybe we can help each other, by switching sitting for date nights and even with one-on-one with our kids…., that way we can trade letting the other kids play with friends while we alternate spending that time with one. Just a thought. love you!

    PS. Loved the change joke…., amazing! 😄

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