Words for Dad

I meant to post this the day after Dad’s memorial, but I forgot. I will post something merrier very soon. My hands are itching to write, but I just haven’t had much of a chance. Merry Christmas to all of you!

I remember seeing Dad’s Bible open on the table nearly every morning while I got ready for school, and after he had already left for work. I don’t think he did that on purpose, but whether he meant to or not, that one thing set a shining example for me. He had never told me that a Christian is supposed to have a “quiet time.” I never heard that term until much later. I saw a Daddy who just loved spending his first minutes awake with his Savior and Friend.

Daddy once asked me why I thought it was that all three of us girls have chosen to follow Jesus, when he was never a very proactive, family devotions kind of Dad.

I thought for a minute, and told him, “Dad, we didn’t need family devotions. God just lived at our house, in you and Mom. He is evident in everything you do, and we couldn’t avoid God’s presence. It would have been strange for us not to learn to love Christ, when you and Mom have always shown us, every day, what Love and Faith both mean.”

Our family devotions came not in the form of books, catechisms, or curriculums. They came in the form of simple things lived out, like that Bible on the table. They included Dad’s priorities: God first, family next, and everything else after that. They came in conversations at the dinner table or in the car. They came in countless little ways, and I would be foolish to try to list them all here.

In short, my Dad loved God with all his heart, soul, mind & strength. He loved others better than himself.

And I, his Sunshine, loved him.


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    • You know, it was when you walked by the way and when you sat at at table, like it was supposed to be from teh beginning, wasn’t it. I am so glad for you. I hope I set that kind of example for mine, too. I noticed my oldest son has a coffee ring imprint on the leather front cover of his Bible. Good sign, no? 😉

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