He’s Still My Daddy.

Dad worshiping. Still with all his heart.

Dad worshiping. Still with all his heart.

Things are moving quickly now, with something new to report each and every day. His heart rate and blood pressure are way up now, and his gut is beginning to shut down for good. Those, among many other signs, point to Dad’s crossing his finish line soon. How soon? There is no way to tell for certain, but we just keep trusting and comforting and loving and serving the best way we know how.

The other day, I was sitting with Dad. He was sleeping, but would wake up every so often, and moan. I would ask him what he needed, or if he was hurting. He would respond in the negative, and I worried that I was bothering him, and kept apologizing.

Finally, he looked at me, and pulled out Lecture #56.3, subsection B.

“Sunshine, if I need something, I’ll ask, but it NEVER bothers me to know that you want to help. Stop apologizing.” He paused. “You should never, ever apologize when you are trying to do something nice for someone. Ever,” he said. “Okay?

I smiled and said, “Yes, Daddy,” then apologized loudly. Just to get at him. He grinned at me and chuckled, then fell asleep.

I cried.

As much as he is declining, he is still my Daddy. He hasn’t changed at all, except physically. He can still lecture with the best of them, and I have taken his words to heart.

I will never again apologize for being kind.

Thanks, Dad, for being my dad to the end! I love you.

Grace & Peace,


2 thoughts on “He’s Still My Daddy.

  1. Your relationship with your father is such a thing of beauty! I often don’t comment on these posts because I just don’t know what to say… Words fail me. Even though I have never met you in “real life” you have such a gift for writing and sharing your experience I fell as though you are someone I have enjoyed getting to know. I pray for you, your dad, and your family as you move through this difficult transition.

    • I am truly blessed beyond words, and it is by God’s grace I have had the relationship that I do with my dad. He is a beautiful soul, and I hope I can be more like him AND my mom someday.

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