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For the past several months, I have been reading through the Bible. A few chapters from the Old Testament, and a chapter or two of the New. I have never read through the entire Bible, but I know I have already read up through the Chronicles before. So, I started in Ezra. I’m now in the major prophets, and as I have been reading these, I have noticed something.

Many people think the Old Testament is all about God’s wrath and punishment.

I don’t think that’s true. Yes, it is full of his chastisements of Israel and Judah, but only after very long stretches of mercy and warnings that it was going to come. He never disciplined suddenly. In some cases, it took hundreds of years before judgment fell. It is obvious that God hated doing what he needed to do to remind Israel and Judah to be faithful to the covenant he made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

As I have been reading, I think I am finally understanding what it means to hate what God hates, and to love what he loves. The faithfulness of God, contrasted with the faithlessness of His people, makes me realize, more than ever, the factual reality of God’s goodness.

I’m not going to go any farther, really. I just wanted to share the outlines of what I’m learning as I read through the Bible, and take in the bigger picture, absorbing it as I go.

It’s amazing how there is something on literally every page that speaks directly to me. It’s not just an ancient book. It’s an ancient book with amazing cohesiveness, in spite of having multiple authors over the course of centuries. It’s an ancient book with great relevance today.

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  1. It brings new meaning to the Word being living and breathing doesn’t it? Our reading plan takes us through old and new through the year as well. It is changing me. 🙂

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