Day 21: Little Things. And Big Ones. And a Cup that Overflows.

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Where do I start this morning? My cup is overflowing, and I guess I just need to start typing. The grace of God just keeps pouring out and pouring out and I hardly know what to do with all the blessings and goodness in my life right now! The amazing thing is that it’s not in spite of the hard journey we’re on, but because of it. Where there is sickness, there is still life. So much life! Where there has been strife, there is a tentative, new peace, that can only grow. It’s incredible.

Stu & Kathy Rigall came over to visit with Dad. We’ve known the family for years, and Stu taught music at the elementary school where my sisters went. Anyway, Stu brought his guitar, and told Dad that, since he hadn’t been able to make it to church, he wanted to bring church to my dad. He proceeded to play and sing some worship songs for us. Among them, the hymn “Tis So Sweet,” one of the songs Dad has chosen to represent his life, and one that we plan on singing at his memorial service when that time comes.

It was beautiful.

The hands and feet of Jesus in action, yet again.

I’m kicking myself for not bringing home my camera last night, so that I could show you what I mean. I’ll post the video or some stills tomorrow, I guess.

That’s just the beginning of what I’m thankful for today.

I’m also thankful for Young Living Peppermint Oil. That stuff is magical, I swear! Yesterday, I was really struggling with incredible sinus pressure and a headache, though I felt mostly better otherwise. I’ve always put it on my temples to help with headaches, but my friend told me yesterday to rub it into my sinuses. So, I did.

Wow! did it ever work! After about 20 minutes of eye-blinking (it tingled and made my eyes water), and a lot more drainage than I thought possible, the pressure was completely gone. Just…gone.

It was beautiful!

I’m ever so much better this morning, thanks to that one tip! I’ve managed to get better quickly without the use of any drugs at all. Well, unless you count the cup of coffee I had yesterday to try to treat my headache. I feel like that is better than ibuprofen, for me, anyway. So, I am thankful for coffee, too. The Christian drug of choice!

Then, there was last night’s grocery shopping trip with Trina, Jen, and Schel-belle. Way too much fun! Poor, two-year-old Schel had herself a tantrum moment, and her dutiful aunties tried to help when Mommy’s efforts were nearing their end. Auntie Trina did a silly dance and sang “It’s a Happy Day” (a Davey-family-fun tradition). Tears rolling down her cheeks, Schel began to laugh, so hard! It was precious! Usually, when she gets so worked up, there’s no calming her. This time, it worked amazingly, much to the amusement of everyone around us! It’s a good thing us Davey girls have lost all sense of self-consciousness in public. Seriously.

Then, since the store wasn’t crowded, there were shopping cart races with Auntie Tiff up and and down the aisles, and a ride on her shoulders. I am so thankful that two-year-olds can, at least sometimes, be very easily amused, and that our trip was successful!

On that note, I am also thankful for the gift card provided by Trina’s church for our family to buy Thanksgiving food, and for the gift of a turkey from dear friends of our family. The love just keeps pouring out, all over the place. It’s amazing how many people come out of the woodwork to love on a family like ours! God’s abundant grace, in action! I am in awe.

Then, there was karaoke night last night. I haven’t really been “out” since I’ve been here, and that is okay. Trina, Jen, and I decided that it would be a good night for us, and we might not get another chance. So we dressed up (for Roseburg, anyway), and went out. It was, I think, our first, real, sisters’ night out ever. We just have never really done that.

I was so happy to spend the time with them, and we all had a really good time. Jen and I are still trying to persuade Trina to actually get up there and karaoke with us, but she is content to just watch us be dorks, and share my mozzarella sticks. Oo! Mozzarella sticks! I hadn’t had dinner, so I wanted something to eat. I ordered them for $6.50, expecting to get four or five of them. I got a whole pile on a plate! At least a dozen or more! I couldn’t believe it. I had plenty to share, and I loved that. So, I’m incredibly thankful for that – Davey Sisters Fun night and mozzarella sticks are hard to beat.

Then, I woke up this morning to this song posted on my wall from Levi:

He loves me so.

My cup overflows today, with little things, that really are very big, and I am thankful. I am glad I’m alive, glad that I’m here, and glad that God’s grace is so abundant and amazing.

What are you thankful for today?

Grace & Peace,