Day 19: What a Morning (Update on My Dad, too.)

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What a morning.

We were up very late last night, as Trina, Jen, & I had a Davey Family Fun Sister Meeting last night. It was 99% we-got-a-lot-said-and-understood-each-other-better, and 1% I’m-kind-of-an-idiot-in-need-of-grace. The percentages are fuzzy, but that’s how I feel about it. The kids didn’t get into bed until eleven last night as a result, and I couldn’t fall asleep until one. So, I’m thankful we had beds to come “home” to. Nice beds.

Lynn had to take my van into work today, because his alternator quit working, and it turns out I should stay home anyway. I am not well this morning, at all. I probably should have stayed away from everyone yesterday, but now all I can do is pray that no one else catches this cold. I’m thankful that, so far, no one else seems to have it, and that I can do something to help Lynn, who has helped me so much these past couple of months.

I’ve stocked up on some supplements to help me – too late to keep the germs at bay for me, but probably in time to help me get well faster. Once again, I’m thankful for hippie solutions.

Dad has lost most of the use of his legs, too, over the weekend, and I am grateful that Mamaw Judy (his mom) is up from California for the week (maybe longer). His legs are just too weak to bear his weight any more, and he gets very disoriented when he’s upright, and cannot maintain balance for very long at all. We now know Dad needs at least two of us with him at any given time. It’s time to call hospice and get some regular respite care. I feel kind of weird. Though my heart breaks, and it’s really hard to watch Dad decline in health like this, I am not afraid to face it. “I will fear no evil, for you are with me,” rings more true than it ever has. Ever. I’m thankful for that, and that I can be here to help as much as I am able.

That’s about all I’ve got in me today. What are you thankful for?

Grace & Peace,


5 thoughts on “Day 19: What a Morning (Update on My Dad, too.)

  1. I’m thankful for daughters-in-law who have volunteered to cook most of our Thanksgiving dinner, since I lost 4 days last week, sick. I’ll only bake a few pies Wed., and cook some veggies on Thurs., so I can spend these days STILL cleaning after replacing so much furniture. (Kids moved out and the furniture just sort of disappeared!) 🙂
    Anyway, I could not have had them all here for dinner without all the great help I am getting! One is fixing all the breakfast breads, muffins, etc. Another is bringing ham and dressing and pies. Another will do the veggie tray and 2 pies. Finally, the brand new sweetie (just 2 months into being a dil) will do the whipped potatoes (for 17!) and 4 loaves of excellent dinner bread. Yay! Hubs smokes the turkey, so I will feel mostly like a human when it is time to sit down to eat! 🙂
    I guess that sounds shallow, but it’s their willingness, and the knowing they can cook for my sons, that blesses me.

  2. Let hospice help you at home. They will provide you with many things your dad my need at this point. They will help you with all his comfort needs. Stay with your dad. You may all need to just crawl in bed and hug him! Read to him, like he read to you!

    When we called hospice for my mother-in-law we knew it was near the end. We lit candles, had quiet music in background, had children come and say “goodbyes” and let the dogs on the bed to see mom. She wanted it that way!

    I promised I would keep her in my home the rest of her life, and I did. I crawled in the hospital bed hospice set-up when my mother-in-law passed away, because I promised I’d never leave her alone and I way happy I did that. Dying is beautiful in many ways, if you embrace life and death.

    I will keep you and your family in thought and prayers.

    • Thank you. 🙂 My mom is getting help now, and we are working with our hospice nurse to figure out the best ways we can receive the help. My sisters and I hope to get respite for Mom at night a couple times a week. We just have to organize details. 🙂

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