Day 16: A Few Things Come to Mind

I love this guy so much.

Today, I am thankful that I get to play doula for Dad this weekend. While Mom is away to California, picking up Mamaw Judy (Dad’s mom) for Thanksgiving, I’m here at their house caring for my dad. I’m thankful that Trina, my sister, will be here for most of this afternoon and evening, so that we can share in this time with Dad. I know that she is just as eager to help Dad and be here as I am, and it will be nice to serve him together.

I am also thankful for Peg & Lynn – yet again – as they keep my kiddos for me. To be so available to the kids and me is such a bid deal during this time, and I thank God daily that I can be so free to give my mom a break. I miss my kids today already, but I know that this first weekend having all of Dad’s care resting on me makes it important that I can focus on just that. Perhaps the next time I do it, I will keep them all with me, and let them help in the ways that children can. They are such capable young people, and growing more so by the day.

They asked me last night if I wanted a break from them, and was that why I wasn’t taking them to Gramma and Papa’s?

“Never!” was my reply. I feel so badly that they have that impression, as I genuinely don’t like leaving them unless I have to. So, I am thankful also for the opportunity last night to explain to them that I’m not desiring to take a break from them, because I love them so much. I explained that, sometimes, I just need a break from the work I do – not from the people I love. Also, that I’m not really taking a break – just doing a different kind of work this weekend. I hope they believe me. I pray that they do.

What are you thankful for today?

Grace & Peace,


2 thoughts on “Day 16: A Few Things Come to Mind

  1. Enjoy the special moments you have with your dad and sister. Take plenty of pictures! Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture of you and your dad! This must be a difficult time of year for your family with your dad so ill. He will always want you and the family to have laughter, humor, and simply enjoy life! You can continue to read stories backwards, as he does and have fun doing it just like your dad! Happy Thanksgiving, take pleasure in the simple things in life!

    • Thank you. 🙂 I will definitely keep up the Davey Family Fun tradition of reading backwards and confusing the kids! It’s way too fun. 🙂

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