Day 12: The Chance to Honor Servicemen & Women.

Today, I am simply thankful for the chance to take my kids to the Veteran’s Day parade.

A parade that honors the men and women who have served, and are serving, their country.

At their age, it is still going to be mostly about the fun of watching floats go by, and chasing after tossed candy. Still – there is an overriding sense of solemnity at times that even they can sense. Kids stand in awe of men and women in uniform, as well they should.

I admit it – I do, too.

There is no way to understand the gift they give this country at the cost of their very lives, their limbs, their health, and even sometimes, their families.

It’s supposed to rain today during the parade, but what is that compared to what these men and women have faced? It is nothing. It is worth it.

I am grateful we get a chance to be there, and let them see in our faces the respect and honor they deserve.

Grace & Peace,