Day 11: Sundays.

The morning rush to get ready for church, and the way there is always at least one kid who can’t find a shoe.

Little girls in dresses and pigtails. Boys wearing jeans with no holes. All of the kids freshly washed. Theoretically, anyway.

The sense of family even in a church far away from home.

The way the songs during the service just “happen” to be exactly the ones I need to usher me into the presence of God.

The way there is always something in the message that God meant for me to hear.

Heading home to do nothing but eat and relax. Maybe wash some dishes, but even that is optional.

The way my Daddy always has football on after church, even if he’s not awake.

Everyone trying to get to the comics first. Looking at the week’s ads, even if we don’t need to buy anything.

The way everyone falls asleep randomly for a few minutes, and the way the kids somehow manage to be quieter than usual.

Dinner in the crockpot, so no one has to cook.

Just being together, doing nothing.

Yahtzee rounds until we’re so tired we can’t see straight.

Saying yes to the kids’ requests for treats. Within reason.

Skype-ing with Levi, and watching the kids make faces at themselves instead of talking to him.

That delightfully slow-moving, restful feeling of not having to do anything or go anywhere or be anything but at peace. Even if tomorrow is Monday.

That’s what I love about Sundays, and why I’m thankful for them.

What do you love about Sundays?

Grace & Peace,


5 thoughts on “Day 11: Sundays.

  1. I love the celebration of our faith that we take part in each Sunday.
    I love watching 6 people carry my daughter in her wheelchair up the stairs for youth group. (I don’t watch the whole thing, just the whole “You take that side” part. I am too much of a nervous Nelly).
    Being on prayer team.
    Getting a challenge from the Pastor that gives me a better grip on my ministry.
    Holding hands with my husband while we worship as one flesh.
    Coming home to a warm house with a soft couch.
    Everyone in the same room saying absolutely nothing.
    Watching AFV with the giggler and Once Upon A Time with own Prince Charming.
    Going to bed feeling strong enough to take on a Monday.

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