Day 10: Friday Fun/Science/Whatever-We-Come-Up-With Days.

Children everywhere!

Today, I am thankful for this small group of women, and the gigantic group of kids that come along with them. They have made our stay here just that much better. Most Fridays, we get together to do something science-like with all of our kiddos. We’ve had some nature hikes, made bouncy balls (with mixed success), learned about birds, and yesterday, we studied the human eye.

It’s been really nice letting the kids begin to get to know their cousins on the Miller/Little side of the family, and I hope they can form some lasting relationships with their Oregon family. It’s also been nice for me to spend time with women who feel almost like sisters to me. Not to mention the grown-up conversations.

I have to say, too, that each of these kids are great! I’ve been able to talk for a little bit with almost all of them at least once, for a few sentences, and the personalities are delightful! Every one of them is so different, and so sweet, and so much fun to be around. They are all polite, kind, and happy to be in a big ol’ group together. They get along, and have just absorbed my kids into their little tribe. They all need to see more of one another, I’m fairly certain.

Anyway, it’s been a blessing beyond measure to have the encouragement, understanding, and support of Beth, Abbie, and Layla – even when I can’t be there very consistently yet.

Here. Look at some more pictures:

At a park, learning about birds before taking a walk to observe some.

Abbie’s Ben helping Dain spot a hawk though the binoculars.

Beth, Abbie, & Layla overseeing the bouncy ball mess-making party.

Homeschooling is awesome, and I love the support I can find, no matter where I am. Today, I am thankful for the support from these three women and their children. It’s been lovely.

Grace & Peace,


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  1. I love seeing the depth of relationship my niece here in CA has with my niece over in AZ even though they see each other only about twice a year. It helps that they are the same age, and they have always had a special bond ever since young childhood (they are both in high school now). As for the homeschooling activities, that really warms my heart to see the photos of the kids all excitedly learning together. That’s how I envision my dream of homeschooling going, and as Eli gets older and we really get into it I hope we can find a supportive, like minded group to join up with.

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