Day 4: Tucking In

I asked Lydia what her favorite part of the day was, as I tucked her in the other night.

She informed that she really had two favorite things, and was that okay?

“Of course,” I told her. “I often have lots of favorite things in a day.”

“Well,” she said, “My favorite things today were going to Chinese food with Granny and Grandad, and sitting outside sketching nature with Audrey.”

Oh, how the cockles of my heart warmed within me at that thought!

I turned to Audrey, with a premonition that her answer might be similar. It was.

“My favorite things were the Chinese food, and sketching nature with Lydia!” She grinned through her freckles at me. I smiled back.

They don’t get along sometimes, but they seem to be shaping up to become great friends with one another. I certainly hope so. For now, I am thankful for whatever friendship may blossom between them.

I’ve started asking each of my kids to tell me something good about their day everyday, like my dad always did at dinner when us girls were all at home. I need a way to connect with each of my kids individually, and this is where I’ve chosen to start. It isn’t much, but it’s something, and I hope it helps me mother them better.

Grace & Peace,


One thought on “Day 4: Tucking In

  1. My favorite thing each day OFTEN was the “tucking in”. 🙂
    I loved their tired little efforts at prolonging the day, lingering with mom’s undivided attention. I loved their small recitations of memory verses. I loved their questions about life, looming so large in the dimness of the evening.
    I like to think of them, someday when I am gone and they are reaching the end of life’s short day on this earth, as lovingly reaching up to prolong their time with their heavenly Parent — a quote He’s taught them, a short song, one more hug for the night . . .

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