Everyone Homeschools

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All parents homeschool their children, whether we realize it or not. Whether we take up that mantle of academic education, or give it over to the teachers, coaches, and care providers is immaterial in the face of the reality that…

All parents homeschool their children.

When we sit and when we rise. When we go out or stay in. When we are speaking and when we are silent. When we are walking, shopping, working, relaxing, coming, going, feeling, doing, reading, planning, procrastinating, sleeping, and just being.

All children are homeschooling — learning at home.

Just because there are no curriculum books in a home does not mean that learning does not take place there.

It is a matter of what we are teaching that determines what a child is learning. So, whether children are sent to school outside the home or not, it’s wise to evaluate motives and actions, and what those things might be teaching the young ones in our midst.

My entire academic career took place in public school, from preschool to graduation day in 1999.

My experience was mostly good. I had some good teachers, some great teachers, and some that were not so good. I learned well, and enjoyed my time in school. I came out relatively unscathed.

In my homeschooling education, unrelated to academics, I learned much more than any of my public school teachers could have taught me, no matter how good they were. While their influence was real, and contributed to who I am today, it doesn’t hold a candle to the great blazing flames of what I learned at home.

It was at home where I learned that I have inherent value, simply because I exist as a precious creation of a loving God, not because of anything I have to offer. It was at home where I learned everything that follows from that single, precious pearl of knowledge. It is at home where I learned what real faith, hope, and love look like.

It was at home where I learned that home was the safe place to land. Home was the safe place to get advice, and to learn from my mistakes. At home, nobody cared if I wasn’t the best, the prettiest, or the most popular. It was at home where I learned the art of accepting others for who they are, and not for what they can do for me or my reputation among my peers.

It was at home where I learned that honoring Mom and Dad brought me closer to God, and made it easier to learn to honor Him. It was at home where I learned to respect and obey the legitimate authorities in my life – including my school teachers. It was at home where I learned to question everything, and to never accept something just because “teacher/pastor/Mom/Dad” said it was so. It was at home where I learned to respectfully disagree and to back up my opinion with facts when I could, and to admit when I was wrong.

It was at home where I learned the meaning and depth of forgiveness and reconciliation.

It was at home where I learned what it means to be in the world, and not of it. To be okay with being different than my peers.

I carried these lessons to school with me daily, and put them into practice. I was never perfect, and often foolish and immature, but I knew I could always come home, gain strength from the love and acceptance found there, and try, try again each new day.

As I homeschool my own children academically and otherwise, I pray that I can teach them these same lessons as well as my parents taught me.

All parents homeschool. Mine did a wonderful job. If I can be half of what they were to me in the lives of my own children, no matter where they go to school each year, I will have fulfilled the purposes God has for me as a mother.

Everyone homeschools. Not everyone knows it.

When we finally realize this as parents, I think it makes it easier to have a vision of how we want our children to grow up. We can see more clearly the end result we are hoping and working for. When we lose sight of the fact that – no matter where our children learn to read – we are their primary teachers in life, we swim in dangerous waters.

We matter to our children. More than anyone else in the world. They are our children forever, and we are forever their parents.

I am striving daily to make my efforts count for forever.

Grace & Peace,


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