Thankful Thursday: Mornings are My Favorite.

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This Thursday, I am thankful for mornings.

Even though my mornings have not been what I am used to. I am used to being able to get up at six a.m. without much problem. However, It’s a struggle here. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because the room I sleep in has no windows, and it stays crazy dark all day.

I’m getting up around seven a.m. instead, and still managing to have my time with the Lord, surrounded by my children. Thanks to Grandad, a.k.a. “The Breakfast Guy,” I’m truly free to enjoy some quiet, even though I’m no longer up before the short people.

This particular Thursday morning, I feel more like myself than I have in weeks. This is the closest I’ve come. I’m chipper, happy, and just ready to start this day. I am very much a morning person, and it feels so good to wake up happy, even if it’s just once.

I sat and reflected, as I prayed this morning, on my day yesterday, which was a particularly difficult one. At least, the morning was incredibly difficult. I needed intervention, prayer, and support. I received all three.

So, I am thankful for the different friends God has given me–from in-laws to bestest friends to iron-sharpens-iron friends–who meet different needs in my life.

I am thankful today, for answers to prayer that come in the morning – I received a whole phalanx of answers (or herd, or mess, or whatever) yesterday morning, all confirming that God is still in control, and I can truly just let go.

I fell apart, God put me back together beautifully, and did it all in the morning.

My favorite time of day.

What are you thankful for today?

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Grace & Peace,


One thought on “Thankful Thursday: Mornings are My Favorite.

  1. I am thankful for the healing power of our Lord. I enjoy my mornings, which is crazy because of the first 3/4 of my life i have been a night person but somehow God has changed me. Bless you!

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