Thankful Thursday: Simple

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Today, I am thankful for so many things. Your faithful readership. I have been overwhelmed lately with so many blog post ideas and a desire to write, but never seem to manage to sit down and do it.

Oh well.

This is only a season.

Still, no matter the season, gratitude is always relevant. So, I give thanks.

Today, I am thankful…

  • …for my children, who are working so hard to grow up, and are faced with some learning opportunities that I hoped would not come for years yet. Their curiosity and questions are endless, intelligent, and deeper than many people much older than they.
  • …for my husband, who has been such a stalwart tower for me lately. His sacrifice in releasing the kids and I to be here, while he stays behind has been selfless. He has never complained about it, and while he doesn’t understand all that I’m going through, he tries. Through it all, he loves me. Deeply, faithfully.
  • …for my Dad, with whom I have been able to have many discussions about everything from Heaven and theology to finances and funny stories about his childhood. He is still laughing, his eyes crinkling up and his laugh sincere.
  • …for my Mom, who has become the best of my friends. I understand her more and more each day, and appreciate her motherhood more than I ever thought possible. She is a light, pure and simple. I hope that I can be a blessing to her daily.
  • …for my friends, who forgive me when I inadvertently text them too late in the evening about ice cream.
  • …for my salvation. A gift of God, without any basis in my own merit. There is nothing in me to merit it. He has chosen me by his grace, and covered me in his blood. I love him so, and pray that my life brings him glory.

A simpler post today, I suppose. Learning to walk in gratitude is difficult, but there is nothing in my life I would trade for “something better.”

How about you? What are you thankful for this week? For more thankful posts, or to participate yourself, head over to Grace Alone.

Grace & Peace,


5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Simple

  1. You are an inspiration to thankful Thursday in this house! Praying for you daily. What a blessing to reconnect so strongly with your family. Levi is awesome too! Though I miss you and the kids really want a play date.

  2. I love simple. There is richness and beauty and depth in simple. Simple allows deep breaths and deeper reflection. I am thankful for you.

  3. Well, I am thankful I found you in a big world of blogging. And thankful my kids are all grown and gone, but now I need new purpose in my life. Thankful for that, too, but sorta purposeless, from my point of view. And thankful my husband is still a cheerful guy who like spending time with me. So many do not have what you and I have, Tiff, and I do not take mine for granted! Like you. ❤

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