Joy-Filled Days

Periwinkle Glen

I love that my mother-in-law named her house. Just like in the old days, before numbered addresses. I would love to write a letter and address it: Periwinkle Glen, Myrtle Creek, OR.

This pretty little pocket-size valley is a haven of peace, good work, and quiet. The night noises are plentiful and melodic. My bed is high and soft. The cares of the world feel a million miles away sometimes. Except that they’re inside of me. If that makes any sense at all.

We took the day off from school yesterday. I had to. I just couldn’t do it.

The kids are doing so very well. They are delighted no matter where we go. “We’re going to Granny’s now, get ready,” I’ll tell them.

“Yay!!!” they exclaim.

“Time to head to Gramma & Papa’s, get in the van.”

“Woohoo!!!” is the answer.

Each day has had many joy-filled moments tucked into its nooks and crannies. Moments that have made us laugh until we cry. Yesterday, for example, Tischel was singing “Jesus Loves Me,” and just to mess with her, Papa changed the words: “Yes, Moses loves meeeee!”

Schel started singing it that way, and we teased Jen that her daughter’s theology needed correction. We were laughing so hard! Especially when she started hamming it up and singing at the top of her two-year-old lungs!

Then, there were the family portraits I took. Getting six children to sit still is…fun. Yes. That’s the word. I can get them to give us lovely pictures if I promise that the last one will be a goofy one.

Mom & Dad are just not as cool as the rest of us.

Of course, the first three didn’t even have me in them because I thought I couldn’t beat the timer – then I discovered that I hadn’t even set the timer at all. Then, I set the timer and tripped over the tripod! We were laughing so hard, and the pictures ended up turning out just lovely, because our smiles came from laughter.

The goofy one was well-worth waiting for. (Right-click on any picture, and click “View Image” to see it larger.)

He REALLY loves these kids.

My dad, while he is definitely not his old self, has had two full weeks of feeling really well. It’s kind of weird, because I feel like I’m just waiting for a giant crash. Dad has taken full advantage of it, and has tired himself out on more than one day, just to be with his grand kids.

There have also been rounds of Bananagrams filled with…inappropriate vocabulary. Mamaw Judy & Aunt Sue, who had teamed up, actually used the word, “fart.” That is serious stuff, folks! Then, there is the fact that I won every round one day! That never happens! All that Words With Friends on Facebook is paying off.

My sisters and I keep finding reasons to laugh at each others’ kids and parenting methods. We find we parent pretty much the same way in a lot of things, and are getting new ideas from each other as well. Mostly, though, we tease and laugh at each other. I have found that being grown-up sisterbestfriends is way better than being bickering sisters as kids. Weird, right?

Mamaw Judy and Aunt Sue headed home yesterday morning, and my Uncle Tim & Aunt Theresa are likely heading home in a few days. They all need to be able to get back to work for a bit. Mamaw will come back as soon as she’s needed, since she’s only a five-hour drive away. It was so hard for her to leave, but these darned responsibilities we all have just keep getting in the way of our fun.

Stupid adulthood.

Still, the first night with just the five of us (Mom, Dad, my sisters, and I) and our kids, was kind of nice. We missed having everyone over, but it was good.

We popped in a DVD made from an old VHS of one of Dad’s church league basketball games, and a couple of Christmas concerts when Trina and Jen were in elementary school. That was a blast to watch, in spite of the vertigo-inducing camera work.

Each day has truly been filled with joy, laughter, and good times. This time has been a blessing. I don’t know how soon it will end, but I thank God for such a great gift. I find myself asking God for good time, instead of more time. It’s one thing that feels right to ask for.


In the meantime, autumn is creeping into the woods around Periwinkle Glen, little by little. The mornings are getting nippy, and the days are getting shorter. I am happy that this time of the year has arrived so beautifully in Oregon. It’s just a whisper right now, but I’m sure it will grow to a lovely crescendo soon enough. Mom’s house has been decorated to reflect our favorite season, and I’m so glad to be surrounded by colors and smells that we love so much during this time.

Yes, the nooks and crannies of our days are joy-filled and lovely.

I’ll take it.

Grace & Peace,


12 thoughts on “Joy-Filled Days

  1. Tiffany, I love you and I love reading your blog. I miss our times that we got together in Co Sp. You are an amazing lady. International cyber hug.

  2. Every post i read makes me hate being an adult all the more. Childhood was so care free and full of laughter. Seems the older i get the more cruelty i find in the world I’m seemingly stuck in. I wish so badly i could be there with my family, i love you guys and my heart is breaking for you. I absolutely abhor the thought of having to one day say good bye to my dad, and i hate that you will soon do what i dread.
    Your dad is amazing! A true example of Christ!

    With love and prayers

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