Everything is Weird

I’ve been here only a week, but it seems like years have gone by.

Hours feel like weeks. Minutes feel like days.

I feel like the two weeks back in Colorado were my vacation.

Homeschooling and doing normal things helps quite a bit. For a few hours each day, I feel kind of normal. Only kind of, though.

I have been longing to sit and write, but I don’t have the words. Yet, here I am, typing words anyway.

In the meantime, life is going on.

The kids are doing well in our school subjects. Mostly. I did catch Lydia cheating at her math wrap-ups this morning. I was wondering why she was getting them done so quickly. Well then. Looks like that won’t be independent work for her for awhile.

Dain is delighted with his phonics lessons. He especially loves it when I use the cards have him say the sound of the letter, and then I quickly whip it out of the pile to reveal the next one. He was busting a gut laughing this morning. You just never know what they’ll end up enjoying when it comes to school.

And that’s about all I can give you right now.

How is your week shaping up?

Grace & Peace,


6 thoughts on “Everything is Weird

  1. Glad things are going as well as they are. On the lighter side, have you ever noticed the irony of the fact that if any word in the English language should be spelled like it sounds, it should be phonics? How about we teach fonnix instead?

  2. My week is the second of two very busy weeks. They, in turn, are only the intro to several more very busy weeks. In fact, right up until Thanksgiving, I’ll be scurrying. I’ve had grown kids moving out for months, and it looks like I finally will have one room nearly ready to become a sewing/guest room, once I find a bed for in there. And on it goes.
    I heard a saying once: “The hours crawl; the years fly.” I find it that way so often. Don’t know why it seems so true.

    • It really does!

      May your second busy week be blessed, and filled with little moments of rest tucked into unexpected nooks!

  3. How do you cheat at the wrap ups? The only thing I can come up with is if you look at the back, but i dunno. I really feel you on the time, it feels like you have been gone for months now. I am glad you are still able to do school. I am constantly thinking of you all!

    • That’s exactly what she was doing. Looking at the back, and wrapping the string to match the lines, instead of actually doing the sums… She wasn’t even looking at the numbered side… :-/

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