Thankful Thursday: Homeschooling and Whatnot.

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THis week’s post didn’t start out as a Thankful post, because I forgot it was Thursday. So, it’s different than my normal TT post. Still, its theme already seemed on the thankful, positive side, so I just went with it. It is what it is, and I’m okay with it. And, I’m thankful it’s Thursday! Ha! I’m hilarious.


We started school again yesterday, and I really just focused on the core subjects. We finished before lunch. It was awesome. A bit rough around the edges, but when is homeschool not rough around the edges? I would love to have just one shiny homeschooling day. Alas! I believe that is a fantasy of high degree!

I realized, too, that I forgot to edit my schedule to make up for the fact that the kids don’t have RMCA on Tues/Thurs right now, and I need to incorporate history into at least one of those days. We have a four-day week, and I’m thinking I’ll do a Mon-Thursday while we’re here. Fridays will hopefully include some nature walks with Abbie and her kids, or some other fun in the mornings with Granny & Grandad.

Still, for basically winging it this week, I think we’ve done well for ourselves. For this, I am very grateful.

This weekend, I’ll make another copy of the schedule to reflect a more compatible schedule for our time here, and work on preparing for next week. I have a few newish things I’d like to try with Durin & Lydia, and now seems as good a time as any to get those done. I have some copies to make, things to print out, and papers to put in order.

The normalcy of a school day is so calming. The mundane, minute tasks to prepare and execute it makes me focus on the present moment. It helps me keep my brain in some order, and I can plan a little farther out than the next meal. Which is cool. I can think a little more clearly this way.

My brain is still very abnormal right now. I still feel a little all over the place, but there are a few things I’m learning to know, and to be thankful for. That helps, so much.

For one thing, the more hospice literature I read, the more I realize that the dying process my Dad is beginning is very much like the birthing process. There are so many parallels. I feel like I will come into a greater sense of purpose in my calling as a doula through this. It makes so much sense now, why God drew me into birth work. I only wish I could see God the Father’s side of things – to witness his receiving my Dad into his arms would be an unparalleled privilege. At least he will be there when it’s my turn to walk this valley road.

I’m also learning to know that people are awesome. God’s people, especially. The unconditional love, practical support, and comfort they bring is amazing. Beyond what I can understand. To be comforted by near strangers (to me, anyway) just blesses me deeply.

Truly, it’s a perfect illustration of how wide, how deep, and how high is the Love of Christ for his children!

Anyway – homeschooling. I’m so glad we’re doing this. It works. It works well. And my children are with me. I need them so much right now. They really don’t know how blessed of a mother they have.

And now – this. This is funny, because homeschooling! I am grateful for the actual, real, live, laughter this video brought out in me this morning! I have to share the joy!

Add your own “You might be a homeschooler if…” Just for fun. 🙂 And also – what are you thankful for this fine Thursday?

Grace & Peace,

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