Just Keep Walking

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This is what the Lord spoke to me this morning.

He’s so good to me.

This is one of those times when I want to sit and write, but am unsure of what to say.

It’s quiet here. Four kids being able to run outside, collect eggs, pick fresh fruit, and get all their stored-up wiggles out in the great outdoors is a release for me as well. I got to sit out in the sunshine and have some time well-spent with my God and Father.

I feel a strong sense of gratitude today. A strong sense of safety and closeness to God, my King, Comforter, and Friend. He is with me. His right hand will save me. This walk is not a solo project.

The drive over went well. My kids are such good travelers. We listened to Focus on the Family’s Radio Theater version of The Magician’s Nephew & Prince Caspian. The kids LOVED it! Even Tischel listened when she was awake. Schel was in the van with the kids and I, so Jen could pack more stuff into her Civic.

Poor thing had no one in her car with her. Except her cat. And he just spent the journey glaring at her from his carrier. He was highly annoyed.

And, of course, at one of our very first stops, she left her cell on the roof of her car, then drove off. So, she didn’t even have her phone, and couldn’t talk to me except at stops. She ate a lot of sunflower seeds and listened to the same few CD’s about eighty-seven times.

We only had one motion sickness incident, but since it was Dain, I had no warning.

“Mom? Blurgalurgalurgableeech!” Commence crying and chunks blown about. (I know you wanted all this info.)

We had to pull over in the middle of nowhere. I had to take two car seats out, move the actual van seats, and scrub vomit out of the carpet with baby wipes. Nice. I also used a plastic butter knife wrapped in a baby wipe to try and get it out of all the crevices and cracks in Dain’s car seat. Lovely. (More great imagery for you.)

We decided to make this our lunch stop, and the kids played, “watered” the bushes nearby, and threw rocks at each other. Hey – that’s a legitimate game, right? While I de-puke-ified the van and helped Dain change his clothes, Jen made sandwiches for everyone but Dain. He just got a piece of bread and some cheddar bunnies, which are like Goldfish crackers, but better. I passed out half a Dramamine to him and Audrey, who is normally the motion-sick one, and the rest was smooth(ish) sailing.

Pulled into Mom & Dad’s around dinner time, where we were greeted with taco soup (a recipe I like better than my own). Their church family is putting together meals for them starting this week, and apparently many are bringing over enough to feed a small army. That’s pretty handy, methinks.

Dad is in good spirits, and there is a steady stream of visitors. Many of our family are coming into town from out of state. Some are staying for the duration, and some are just going to get in a good visit and love on my parents for awhile before heading home. The love filling their house is powerful and overwhelming.

We are taking our time settling in today. I cleaned out the van a little better, and have Dain’s car seat cover and buckles in the wash. Granny already has them doing a few chores around the house, so that we can all feel a little more home-like here. Everyone will have their jobs, and I’m planning on starting school tomorrow morning. Even here, there are so many little things that need doing, and I think I need some basic busyness in order to just keep my brain functioning and focused.

We’re going to take this moment by moment, and day by day. I don’t even know what tonight is going to look like just yet. No idea where we’re eating dinner even, and it’s already lunchtime. All I know is that I do have to get some groceries at some point, and take lots of deep breaths. And use my lovely Peppermint Foot Soak at least once a week.

I think I’m just going to continue to begin each day in prayer and in the Word, and ask the Lord to tell me how he wants that day to go. Then, I’ll obey.

Just keep walking. Step by step.

How do you handle high-stress situations? What little things help you keep at least a semblance of sanity? And by the way – thank you for covering us in prayer. It’s working. God is so faithful!

Grace & Peace,


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