Thoughts Over Coffee

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I’m glad the sun shines so much in Colorado. I think if the weather changed with my moods, I’d never know my own mind.

In the middle of struggle – especially the daily struggle with my kids, who are acting out a lot lately – there is always a reason for joy. Even if it’s just a deep breath.

I accomplished so much yesterday, that I almost fear to get today started. What if I can’t be as productive today? My list doesn’t seem impossibly long, but still. I worry a little. Coffee can only do so much for a person.

I can’t wait to get home and spend time with my family. I can’t wait to hold my Dad’s hand, laugh with my Mom, and spend time with my sisters. I hope the time passes slowly, so that I can savor it deeply.

Jen & I, along with the kids, leave early tomorrow morning. We’re driving. In separate cars. Which is lame, but at least we’ll be together. I hate driving. A lot.

But it will be worth it.

Grace & Peace,


6 thoughts on “Thoughts Over Coffee

  1. praying so much for you, Jen and the kids as you travel. praying that time stands still for you once you reach home. Just praying non stop my sweet friend. There’s nothing at all you couldn’t ask of me. love you!!!

  2. An old wise saying:

    The hours march slowly; the years fly swiftly.

    May you have safe travel.
    May the children realize the need to be helpful.
    May the precious hours linger and sweeten your memories.
    And may you always feel the presence of Jesus.

    Praying for you, Sweet.

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