Running Again

Starting a couple of weeks ago, Sabrina and I began running together again. We got out of the routine during the school year, but we are both determined to keep it up this time. I really do enjoy running, as hard as it is. It’s too accurate a metaphor for labor and birth for me to let go.

Running with a friend is like hiring a doula to be with you. You could do it without her, but it’s so much better with her support.

Sabrina had already gotten back into a good routine, and slowed down for my sake. We’re up to a 22 minute running stretch, which is about two-ish miles. We are working our way back up to being able to run a 5K (3-ish miles), so that we can participate in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in September. We’re using the Couch to 5K program, and we’re almost done. Just another couple of weeks, I think.

I’m so glad to be running again. I’m truly a better person for it. I endure more. I have more energy. I am more disciplined in other areas. It’s just good to do something like this.

Grace & Peace,


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