Totally Random, Not Entirely Useless

There is so much rattling around in my brain lately, that I have no choice but to either 1) Write down all the mundane stuff so as to make room for the big stuff, 2) Turn on some loud music and clean like a maniac, then fall into bed and cry/pray myself to sleep.

So, I’m going to brain dump write.

I have written many long lists in the past few weeks or so. Two packing lists. A list of things that I would very much like to get done before we head to Oregon. A list of things I need to do for work. A list of priorities. A list of things and people I need to pray for. Grocery lists. Daily to-do lists.

My life is dominated by lists lately!

I’m still transitioning from “Too Busy” to “Busy ONLY With the Work God Has Given Me.” It’s a bigger leap than you might think.

Oh. One more list. It’s my Book List. Not a list of individual books to read. That would be far too long. It’s a list to help me decide what to read next, as I pretty much never stop reading. Ever.

Organizing my reading habits. Nerdy, I know. So, sue me.

  • Birth Book –to keep my knowledge growing for work. And because birth is awesome.
  • Unread Shelf –I have many books (mostly classics) I have bought at Goodwill or yard sales for pennies, but have not yet read.
  • Fiction/Fun –Self-explanatory. This might take the form of the next book in whatever series I’m reading, or a stand-alone. Any genre.
  • Non-fiction, topical – Nutrition, nature, maybe some politics, I don’t really know. I just want to learn and grow. No birthy subjects allowed.
  • Christian non-fiction, topical – Apologetics, theology, prayer, and whatnot will fall into this category. I have some classics I’d really like to get.
  • Unread Kindle – Of course, I have downloaded several free classics, as well as a few selections from favorite blogs. This would also be used if I checked something out from the library on my Kindle.
  • Biography – Because I don’t read enough of them. And historical people are cool. Mostly.
  • Recommendations – From friends, family, or whomever. Because there are enough bookwormy people telling me that I have to read this book or that series.

So, that was actually a fun list to write, and will probably be fun to keep up with. Unlike all the other lists that are trying to break my back. I know there will likely be another category or two for this one, but I’ll add those as they come.

Okay. I thought there would be more to this post than there is at the moment.


My brain does not feel as empty as I would like it to yet.

There’s a crick in my neck.

The arches of my feet hurt like crazy, for a reason yet unknown to me. Thank goodness I have a chiropractor visit tomorrow, and can hopefully have it addressed.

I had a birth this week that was emotionally rough. For both the parents and myself, though we are all much better now.

I feel relieved not to be on-call.

Speaking of birth, I went to the dollar theater and saw “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” with a couple of girlfriends.

It didn’t suck. It made me laugh. A little Hollywood-ized, to be sure, but definitely a fun watch. It didn’t mock the natural birth world, or the birth plan writers, and it respected cesareans. It showed adoption in a beautiful light, and made me hurt for a miscarrying mother. It was decent in many ways. Way better than the book.

My favorite part was a conversation between a dad trying to help a childless friend feel better about becoming a dad himself. He said, “When I was young, I thought I was happy. But now I know I’m happy. Exhausted, but happy.”

Super cool.

I feel overwhelmed at the mountainous terrain that is my list of things that need to be done soon.

School is coming up far faster than I want it to, and I still have not had the chance to get some multiplication and addition facts solidified in the minds of my two eldest prodigy. (I like the word “prodigy” a lot. And “eldest,” come to think of it.)

I might finally be figuring out Pinterest. From what I’ve seen, it’s basically another place where I can look at random things and think “Oh cool! I like that. I totally want to try that!” Then I pin it, and forget it. Seems easy enough.

I think too much, and don’t pray enough.

I’m working on that.

I ran out of composition notebooks, and feel like my prayer life is starving because of it. I write out most of my heavy-duty prayers, and not being able to is driving me crazy. I’m making do, but it’s really time to hit up those back-to-school sales.

I think I’m finished here.

In the meantime, this:

How was your weekend?

Grace & Peace,


8 thoughts on “Totally Random, Not Entirely Useless

  1. Poor Babe! We had more rain, here, and husband has to preach, so we stay tethered. All my kiddos graduated long ago, so no school. I cleaned house, weeded a bit, we checked our logging operation, I made some pickle relish, ironed, (forgot to iron Sunday shirt) cooked, prepared bulletin insides and hymn list, and today, we counseled a young woman who is rather clueless about life. Also taught Sunday School. I stay busy all the time, but it is all programed and I hardly need a list anymore. Used to!!!! Tomorrow I hope to mow and do laundry. (I love doing both on one day, mowing a while, swapping machines out, mowing more.) I am so sorry I cannot come over and do a bit of your lists for you. I could do the reading for you! πŸ˜€

  2. Your post totally made me smile. I am trying to read three books at once right now, and it doesn’t work well for me. Maybe I need a list. I so get your Pintrest thing. I have one. I forget about it until I have done something else. Also find it funny when I go where I have pinned and it is gone. Just wish the whole instructions/whatever were downloadable. But, Hey, it’s free. On the pain in your arches, I know it sounds funny, but next time you go to the doctor, or if you are tired a lot, or if you gain 9-11 lbs for no reason, get your thyroid checked. Do it sooner than later, waiting has cost me several teeth, and going on the meds changed my life. If it isn’t that great, but that is a first warning sign no one seems to remember to mention.
    Love you a lot!

    • Thanks for the tip about thyroid. I’ll look into it, for sure. Better to catch it early.

      I actually read 3-5 books sort of at the same time. I just get through some faster than others. I can’t help it! πŸ™‚

  3. Love your book list! I should compile a similar one. I’m such a “list” person πŸ™‚ Randomness in my life: I think we’re going even more granola around here. We’re trying to cut out additives and preservatives (except those that are found naturally) for a two week stint. So far it’s been hard, very hard.
    Ah, lets see, praying, praying is an important thing. Thank you for going on this journey to pray more with me!
    Pinterest is so much fun! I’m actually making several recipes this week that I saved on there ages and ages ago. Just the same, I do forget about most of the things I post “blush.” This pinning thing is so much fun that I “almost” wish I could get married to Andy again, just so I could plan my wedding with Pinterest by my side.
    And I can’t wait to watch “What to Expect.” I couldn’t get Andy to take me to it, so it’s on the Nextflix Que πŸ™‚

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