So Much…

Today is one of those days I’d like to just write about everything going on in my life. Yet, I find myself without much time to do so.

I just wrote two or three sentences, then deleted them, because I can’t make them go anywhere. I can only be so random before I lose people, you know! So, here’s a quick look at what I’m thinking.

It’s a work day for me. A still-new concept.

July is going to be incredibly busy.

I am tired and weary, but I hope in the Lord, who renews my strength.

Poor Durin has had a week of trials. Pray for him.

I’m facing the fact that in all likelihood, I only have 2-3 workable weeks this summer to get some extra schooling in before the real school year starts halfway through August. The summers here are so very short!

Errands, paperwork, and filing take up ridiculous amounts of time. I have to figure out how to spread those out a little better.

Prayer and time in the Word really do sustain me. Meat and potatoes, and all that jazz.

Thank you, Sabrina. 🙂

I love getting a good laugh through things my friends share on facebook.

Coffee just might be the elixir of life. For reals!

I think I might cry if I knocked my coffee over, as sad as that is.

Well, I’m beginning to feel the weight of this day looming. I need to start moving a little more quickly today than I normally do.

Here I go, prioritizing, ordering, and praying my way through this new day.

Grace & Peace,


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