Colorado Is Burning

Our state is burning.

Blazes cover 2,500 acres, thousands flee.

And the flames are drawing closer to home as historic Manitou Springs has been fully evacuated, starting in the middle of the night last night. Firefighters are saying that this fire is still 0% contained, but we are blessed that it has not yet hit any structures, and there is thus far no loss of life.

I have friends in Manitou. I have former clients and friends who live in or near the evacuation area. Garden of the Gods is closed, as the fire is literally just on the other side of the ridge from the beautiful park.

It’s just all very disconcerting to see the smoke hanging so heavily in the air over our city. Even more so to realize how many fires are still burning across our lovely state:

Yesterday, we found out that up in the Woodland Park area, some idiot was running around, and managed to set 20 or so fires on purpose. As far as I know, they’re still trying to catch whoever it is. I pray that they do.

An entire town evacuated as a precaution may seem overboard to some who don’t live here, but it makes sense to be more cautious here.

With record-setting high temperatures, very low humidity, and the ever-present wind that makes Colorado so lovely in the summer are all contributing to the spread of these blazes. Our firefighters are stretched thin, and are calling for aid from out of state. Over 350 are at the Waldo Canyon Fire alone – the one just west of us. We are not a state that can afford to take chances as these valiant men and women stand in the gap and fight to save people and property.

We need rain, and the weather report is showing that we’re not due for any until much later in the week.

Pray for rain for Colorado. And Utah – I hear they are also battling several blazes. May God have mercy on our city, and send rain, in spite of what the weatherman says.

He’s done it before. There had been no rain for years. Elijah – one man – prayed, and from a cloud the size of a man’s fist, grew a sky filled with black clouds and a torrential rain. 1 Kings 18:39-46 NIV

Lord – send your rain! Have mercy on Colorado, and come to the aid of our firefighters! In Jesus’ Name…


2 thoughts on “Colorado Is Burning

  1. Absolutely praying. Rain, safety for firefighters and pilots, sense to evacuate, protection of property. So sorry this has happened. We live with it, being in the forestry profession. Not fun during these times — dangerous.

    • Thank you for your prayers. There is no rain in the forecast, but the forecast is NOT GOD. Praying on behalf of my city for mercy to rain down soon.

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