The Deep Well of Joy

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Coffee just can’t do for me what simply being a child does for my children. They wake up and hit the floor running. Quite literally, most mornings.

The energy and smiles with which they face each new day are enviable. They seem ready for anything, and excited to see what the day will bring.

At this moment, they are fighting imaginary bad guys and creating fictional dialogue. They are laughing, making sound effects, and talking over one another. They’re bossing each other and complying. They are saving the world!

They are happy.

Hearing them play this way makes me happy.

They really are a great little tribe, as overwhelming as they can be at times.

There is so much to be thankful for when one has children.

I can’t help but think that their natural creativity in play and their unending energy must reflect the playful spirit of God during creation. How much fun he must have had in creating the world, and making things, just for the sake of our enjoyment and provision! I watch them play, and I think of Jesus, and his delight in making this world so incredibly beautiful, just because he could.

No matter the consequences of men exercising their free will in sin – the fact remains that God created it all out of the deep well of his joy, and called it “good.”

And that delight is manifest in the free play of my children.

What a way to wake up each morning – just glad that the new day is here.

May I live my life from that same deep well of joy, to which I have ready access through Jesus Christ and his salvation. May I reflect that child-like delight and readiness for whatever comes my way, and live my life with a smile.

Grace & Peace,


3 thoughts on “The Deep Well of Joy

  1. Do you know the hymn “Morning Has Broken”? This reminds me of it. Especially the line about their “springing fresh from the Word.”
    Oh, that we could all “srping fresh from the Word” each morning! or even every now and then? 😉

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