A Thought or Two

It’s morning.

My first cup of coffee is cooling and nearly empty.

It’s overcast. Only two of my kids are awake, and I’ve been blessed with an unusually long time to sit here and write.

Yet, I have nothing to say.

Not really.

There used to be a lot more family life in these posts, but not so much any more.

I’ve been thinking about that, and have realized, in all honesty, that this change is due more to facebook than anything else. All of the family who matters most are friends with me on facebook, and it’s so much easier to upload a quick picture, or let everyone know what is going on via that site than writing about it here.

Here, I have become more myself.

The Faery Inn has become my resting place. The place where I share what is really going on inside of me. What I am learning, how I am growing, and what I hope to do and to be.

It’s the place where I share the Light and the Love that is within me because of the greatness and the grace of my God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He is so good to me. So good.

And this is where the world (or at least the small handful of people who read this) gets to see it.

Grace & Peace,


4 thoughts on “A Thought or Two

  1. I have a hundred friends on fb, but only a couple of them care enough to come to my blog.
    I have two blogsites; one is for everyone, the other is for those who care enough to see the real insides of me. They’re free to come, but do not.
    They say it is information overload, there.
    Wonder what they think it feels like to live with that inside all the time?

    I love this site. I love the real you, Tiff. ❤

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