The Most Interesting Weekend.

What a weekend we just had!

I was prepared for a frenzy of activity that all just had to happen this past week. A frenzy that could have been avoided with better planning on my part.  I was prepared to just deal with it and get through, though.

To give you an idea, we had planned:

  • To welcome a friend into our home while she looks for a job and a place to live this summer.
  • To have a birthday party for Durin & Tischel.
  • To have a going-away get together for another friend who is moving this Saturday.
  • To take Durin to the birthday party of a friend.
  • To go to church.
  • To make our Sunday trip to the library.
  • To get groceries. Lots of them.
  • To start our Monday family day.

Needless to say, only two-and-a-half of those things happened.

My three oldest children came down with strep throat on Thurs/Fri, only we didn’t know it was strep until Monday. We suspected it, so cancelled or changed a lot of plans.

The friend who was coming to stay decided to wait until the plague was no longer contagious. Probably quite smart of her! The going-away was going to happen at my house, with lots of families, laughter, and loudness. We chose to change that plan for the same reasons. The upside is that I got a girls’ night with some of the best women I know. It was a refreshing break that I was glad to take.

I was planning on doing a combined birthday party for Durin and Tischel – each with their own cake, but a few complications arose. One of them being the suspected strep. The other being that I killed our hand mixer, and couldn’t make the cake. The fondant is ready, but yeah. Mixer is dead.

However, since Tischel had already been exposed to whatever we had, and wasn’t feeling well, we went ahead with her birthday party, because her maple-bacon cake was ready for the eating. The friend who made the cake had already been exposed as well, so we all figured, “Why not?” At least we can get some fun out of this weekend! We postponed Durin’s, so that he could have his friends come party with him. Hopefully this Monday.

Sunday, we decided to stay home from church, because of the kids’ sore throats. I’m glad we decided that, once I learned the strep thing! So, I spent the day getting groceries. Lots of them. Lots and lots and lots.

Levi, the kids, and I spent all Monday morning at the doctor’s office, because of the way their appointments were spread out, to discover that strep had invaded all but Dain’s throat. The doctor wrote a script for Dain, just in case. It’s still in my purse, thank goodness. Levi took the kids to the library while I filled the prescriptions, purchased ice cream and miracle bubbles, and rented a free RedBox.

Monday afternoon, I begun readying the house for Jen & Schel, and the Hilby family, so we could celebrate Schel’s 2nd birthday.

Innocently enough, I was wiping down the benches at our kitchen table. I stood up. My back went out. It took me down to the floor in a lot of pain. Right before everyone got to my house.

Jen & Levi helped me get to the living room floor, where I tried to get comfortable. I couldn’t move by myself. It hurt so badly. I couldn’t help but laugh a little as the Hilby’s got here and I was laying in the middle of the floor. We all got some good laughs out of the pathetic-ness of it all.

Of course, as I mentioned, Schel wasn’t feeling well at all, so took an hour-long snooze on the couch (complete with snoring) before her Tylenol kicked in and she could wake up and enjoy her cake. Everyone but me gathered around the kitchen table and sang to her. I sang from my spot on the floor, but couldn’t see anything, and I could not help but laugh. What a story we’ll have to tell! Saddest/funniest birthday party ever.

After everyone left, Levi made sloppy joes, and we watched “We Bought a Zoo.” Great movie, though if I’d known there was some curse words in it, I would have screened it before the kids watched it. If you haven’t seen it – it really is a good one. I was able to hobble to bed with Levi’s help, and 800 mg of ibuprofen.

Anyway. Schel was diagnosed the next day. Her very first bout with strep. Woohoo.

Needless to say, we cancelled everything else. If Momma can’t move…

Today, I’m able to move, but still in a lot of pain. I have to alternate resting and moving to keep things loose, among some other things my chiropractor recommended. She can’t adjust me at the moment, because she just had a baby, but I know she’ll work on me really well once she’s back to work.

I don’t know why my back went out. I’m only (almost) 31! I suspect it has something to do with my sprained ankle back in November. I know my pelvis and lower back have been “off” since then. I think I just need more aggressive chiropractic work, but we’ll see.

Add to all of that a misunderstanding or two, and you have a complete package deal! A doozy of a weekend.

I am tired.

Very, very tired. I don’t know how much more my emotions can handle, because outside of all of these circumstances, there are some internal, private things going on as well. Not to mention some horrific circumstances going on in the lives of some people I love. I pray for them, and wonder how much more they can possibly take. My burden of prayer is heavy, but I carry it willingly, knowing that God really is the only one who has the power to bring comfort and strength to each situation.

Resting in the Lord, trusting him to help me work things out, and learning to keep my eyes on him is really, really hard to do. I will never give up, though. Every person I know is worth it.

How was your weekend?

Grace & Peace,


5 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Weekend.

  1. wow, that was quite a weekend. I’m glad your back is feeling a bit better today. Hope your kiddos feel better soon as well. (And our weekend was good, comparatively uneventful, but we did take E on a bike ride, which was fun 🙂

    • It was quite a weekend, indeed. A bike ride sounds divine! I’ll bet she loved it. 🙂

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  3. My weekend was not fun, either. And a good friend just sent her husband packin’. Ouch. But it could be worse. Much worse. And for that I am glad. Sorry for you, though!

    • Ouch, indeed! We’ve been through that with a friend of mine, and both my sisters. It’s so terribly hard. And you are right – it could be so much worse. And even if it were worse, God is still good, he’s still on his throne, and I can still trust him.

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