I Could Love Her

After writing my last post, I came across another one that broke my heart.

Just so you can fully see the other side of the coin, I want to share this heart-wrenching post by a post-termination survivor. The choice is not easy, and many don’t see it as black-and-white. Women like this, who are put into an awful position, and have to decide something like this, need our compassion, grace, mercy, and LOVE. They need Jesus. Not a lecture, or a new law, or whatever. They need freedom in Christ.

There is language in the post, but it comes from a place, where I think other words might be insufficient to describe the pain and fear she went through. I offer no criticisms against her or her decision. I believe it was morally wrong (especially without getting a second opinion before terminating – ultrasounds are tricky and subjective), but if I were to see her face-to-face, I would open my arms and offer her my shoulder to cry on, my ears to hear her, and the unconditional love of Christ.

I would tell her that her baby is safe in the arms of God, healed and whole. I would tell her that she has the chance to meet her child someday, if she wants to. That there is healing at the foot of the Cross – not condemnation. I would not pretend to understand. I don’t. But I could still love her, because God still does.

Can you?

Back the F*** off: One woman’s abortion story and why politicians need to leave women alone.

Grace & Peace,


8 thoughts on “I Could Love Her

  1. Sorry for my awkward response. I ache for this woman, period. There was no part of this scenario that didn’t include unimaginable pain. I too wish she would have had a second opinion. There was no mention of the medical issue but I am the parent of one of those children who some geneticists would say wasn’t going to make it. So with that unique perspective and the fact that I even second guess choices at a restaurant, I am saddened by such a life changing decision she had to make.
    I could love her too.

  2. Thank you for your compassion, and the reminder that we are called to love! It’s easy for even me to judge, but you’re right, our place on this earth is to love, even when we might disagree.

    • Exactly – it’s the loving kindness of God that leads us to repentance, not finger-pointing and judgment. It’s so easy to lose sight of the individual hearts at stake sometimes.

  3. I could love her, too, but she made it very, very clear that she could never, never love me. I am pro-ultrasound, and although she had several, she is very against it and all who associate themselves with it. Ultra-sound diagnosed my best friend with a pre-born son who was afflicted with Down Syndrome, but then was born normal and healthy. The second opinion is so totally necessary, as is the ultrasound.
    Sitll, I could love her, knowing that everything she said or wrote was based on the extreme pain of losing a child. No one should be held accountable for what they say in such a situation as mourning is. What’s not to love? A mom mourning the death of a child, by any means, at anyone’s hands, is to be loved.

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