Top Ten Things I Don’t Do Anymore Because Life Is Too Short

Yes, I am aware that today is Wednesday. Not Tuesday. I don’t care.

1. Attempt gardening. As idyllic, lovely, educational, and healthy as it’s supposed to be, it’s not worth it to try when everything I’ve ever grown has died. Except the kids.

2. Keep up with every person I’ve ever known. Not possible. Too much headache.

3. Play Farmville. Or whatever.

4. Worry about tomorrow. Doesn’t add a day to my life, but it might take one away. So, yeah. Done with that.

5. Take on responsibilities that are not mine.

6. Say “no” to hugs from small children living in my home. Those little arms won’t be little forever. Neither will they want to hug me all the time. For that matter, I try not to say “no” to the ones from Levi, either. The guy can’t get enough hugs.

7. Referee every single argument my kids have. They usually work things out pretty darn well without my help.

8. Believe everything anyone in some form of authority says without question. How would I get answers unless I really question.

9. Question everything. Some things go without saying, and not everything is worth asking the questions.

10. Say no to free food. IT’S FREE FOOD, PEOPLE!

Big thanks to Jenni at One Thing for bringing back ol’ Squiddy!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Don’t Do Anymore Because Life Is Too Short

  1. Well said! Especially the hugs part, get them while they are offered and they will always be offered. Refuse them and you will be refused when you need one.

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