Update On My Dad

Dad & I, summer 2010

For those who don’t yet know, my Dad’s brain tumors are gone. (Praise God!) However, the cancer is now in his spine – and that is not good. (And yes, I can still thank and praise God. He has been so faithful, especially through this struggle.)

Dad will start chemo and radiation this Monday morning, and will have to start radiation therapy daily for two weeks. This is also somewhat good news, as they were originally told he would need 5 weeks. I don’t know how often or how long the chemo is going to be, but as soon as I know, I’ll update you.

****UPDATE**** Dad won’t actually be undergoing chemo. It’s a new biotherapy treatment that was unavailable when he was diagnosed called “Yervoy”. It will be administered about once a month for four months via IV. The radiation will be finished at the two-week mark, and is a targeted radiation designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissue. We won’t know if either treatments were successful until a few months after they’re over.****

Please keep them in your prayers. Dad has a renewed sense of purpose in sharing his faith, and is now leading a small group study (I think at Sunday School, but I forget). He asks for prayer that he is able to lovingly and boldly share the Gospel with his father, who is in ill health as well. Pray for my mother, mostly for peace and rest. Pray that her physical body is shielded from the stress of this situation, and that her heart and mind are guarded by the peace that transcends understanding.

If you’re not a praying person, why not? It works. God promises that those who seek him with all of their hearts WILL find him. I encourage and challenge you to start looking. He loves you so much – don’t let a day go by in which you don’t come to know that love for yourself.

Grace & Peace,


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    • Thank you, Sabrina. I cannot thank God enough for your friendship, and what you and your family means to me. Our strength truly does come from God – not from us. It’s amazing how faithful he is. He asks us to be strong, then just gives us the strength we need – we could not have it on our own. It would be impossible.

      Praise God that ALL things ARE possible with him!

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