A Bed of Roses

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“The Christian life IS a bed of roses, thorny stems and all. Fragrant sorrow in the hope of thornless glory.” ~John Piper

This quote rings so very true to me, in light of all the circumstances surrounding me now. However, my life is by no means a tragic history. There is much joy, much to be thankful for, and much to smile about. Yes, the fragrance of joy is tinged with thorns of sorrow, pain, and questions that will likely not be answered this side of Heaven.

It’s odd, how pain and joy co-mingle in the Christian life. How my emotions have no effect on the joy I possess in Christ. In the knowledge that, no matter what, I am never alone. I am held securely by a grace so much bigger than I can imagine. I know my future, and it is full and glorious!

I may weep now, and rightly so, but that is not a permanent condition.

I am sustained by the knowledge that nothing can keep me from the love of God. I am sustained by the knowledge that the roots of faith belonging to this bed of roses are firmly planted in the fertile soil at the foot of the Cross, watered by the very tears of the Lamb, and fertilized by his blood.

There is healing even in grief and struggle. This bed of roses carries the most vivid hues and lovely fragrance. They hold the deep red of blood, the bright yellow of sunlight, the pure white of a righteousness not my own, the pale pink of a coming sunrise. They hold the lovely aroma of the Gospel, fresh with joyous dew and the earthy reality of Divine Love.

Yes, the Christian life really is a bed of roses. I find myself truly thankful – even for the thorns.

Grace & Peace,


10 thoughts on “A Bed of Roses

  1. Stumbled upon your blog in search of other Christians on wordpress and read this post of yours and I have to say that I totally agree. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord uses the “thorns” in our lives to make the aroma of our “rose” more fragrant for those around us? As painful as lessons from our Heavenly Father can be at times, the joy that gets me through it is knowing He has a plan in it and is using it for my good and His Glory. Looking forward to reading more from you… =)

    For Him,

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