And She Thanks God

Once upon a time, there was a Mother who liked to blog. And she liked faeries. She adored her children. She wasn’t perfect, by any means, and often worried about things like gaps in their home schooling education, whether she was affectionate enough, whether she was understanding enough, and whether her children could see her walking out her faith in sincerity and love.

On that note, was she really walking it out at all? She found herself convicted to make her calling and election sure, and to encourage her children to do the same as they grow.

Still, in spite of all these inner struggles, and more, she found herself taking a lot of joy in small moments. She noticed that she was falling in love, all over again, with these young things who had taught her the meaning of Unconditional Love on the days of their births.

They are her labor of love. Her keepers of grace and patience. Her small packages of humor, messiness, and affection.

Everyday, every season, brings something new and lovely. Her life is small, but it is sweet and joyful. Valleys and mountains, rushing rivers, and hard paths to tread are all laid out before her in these glimpses of the eternal. These glimpses that come in small moments.

Small moments like these are often only a delight to a Mother. Others may look and wonder what is so wonderful about these snippets of life; this particular Mother knows. She may not be able to put it into words that are coherent to anyone else, but she knows, nonetheless.

And she thanks God.

Even crackling leaves have joy built in, though Daddy is a little tired.

When the universe aligns itself, and her four children cooperate, joy knows no bounds.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a toddler, who is enjoying the delights of hot chocolate.

And…toys are awesome.

Grace & Peace,